Ugoos UT3 and UM3 Android TV Boxes With Rockchip RK3288 Available Soon

We’ve already seen a few RK3288 boards for upcoming Android TV boxes such as Zero Devices Z6C,Sunchip TV Box and HDMI Sticks, and Ugoos UT3. Most companies did not show off their complete products however, but Ugoos has now unveiled some pictures of their UT3 and UM3 Android TV boxes, and announced availability for next week. This is probably availability to resellers, but it should still mean RK3288 based TV devices should be available within a few weeks, especially since tablets such as Pipo P8 are already up to sale, and should start shipping within a few days.

Ugoos UM3
Ugoos UM3

The specifications are very similar for both Ugoos UT3 and UM3:

  • SoC – Rockchip RK3288 quad core CortexA17 @ 2.0 GHz + Mali-T764 GPU with support for OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 /3.0, and OpenCL 1.1
  • System Memory – 2GB DDR3 (1GB optional)
  • Storage –
    • UT3 – 16GB NAND Flash (Options: 8, 32 or 64GB flash) + micro SD card slot (up to 32 GB)
    • UM3 – 8GB NAND flash (Options: 16 and 32 GB) + micro SD card slot (up to 32 GB)
  • Connectivity
    • dual band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz) and 802.11 a/c using external Wi-Fi antenna?, and Bluetooth 4.0
    • UT3 only – 100M/1000M Ethernet
  • Video I/F
    • HDMI 2.0 output (female) up to 4k2k @ 60 fps
    • AV output (3.5mm jack)
    • UT3 only – HDMI 1.4 input (female) up to 1080p
  • Audio I/F
    • UT3 – HDMI in and out, AV out, optical S/PDIF, microphone jack
    • UM3 – HDMI out, and AV out
  • Video Codecs
    • Decoding – MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4,H.263, H.264, H.265,AVS, VC-1, RV, VP6/VP8, Sorenson Spark, MVC up to 4K2K @ 60fps
    • Encoding – H.264, H.265, VP8, MVC (1080p)
    • H.264, H.265 Data Rate – Up to 60Mbps
  • Audio Codecs/Formats – MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, OGA, APE, FLAC, AAC, M4A, 3GPP
  • USB – 3x USB Host port, 1x micro USB OTG
  • Power Supply – 5V/2A
  • Dimensions – N/A
  • Temperature Range – Operating: -10~40℃, Storage: -20~50℃
  • Humidity – 5%-90%, No condensation
  • Certification – CCC,CE,EMC,FCC,Wi-Fi
Ugoos UT3
Ugoos UT3

Both UT3 and UM3 will be sold with a 5V/2A power adapter, an HDMI cable, and an IR remote by default. Compared to their initial specifications release, they’ve made a few changes. Rockchip RK3288 CPU frequency has been increased to 2.0 GHz (instead of 1.8 GHz), they’ve switched to HDMI 2.0 (or simply properly edited the specs), and dropped the option for 4GB RAM. The SATA port that could be seen on the PCBA does not seem to be used.

They haven’t provided the dimensions, but it’s quite clear that UM3 will use a smaller form factor, and be a cheaper box without HDMI in, S/PDIF, microphone jack, nor Ethernet port, and 8GB flash instead of 16GB found in Ugoos UT3. Both devices will run Android 4.4.2.

Both Android TV boxes should probably become available sometimes in June, at least for pre-order, unless the firmware is found to be too buggy by resellers.

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6 years ago

They’re not going to arrive soon I think. There’s still little activity regarding these boxes on Aliexpress so it’s probably at least 2 more weeks.
What bothers me though is that the Allwinner A80 seems even further away. We were promised a devel board in May but I guess deadlines are meant to be … stretched.

6 years ago

The ram might be a typo because on the blog page anniuncing the ut3 and um3 they say 4GB optional. If they were using a njmber pad for the numbers, the 4 and 1 are next to each other (though by the same logi the 4 could be the typo, but 4GB has bee seen in relation to the rk3288 several times).


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6 years ago

” SoC – Rockchip RK3288 quad core CortexA17 @ 2.0 GHz + Mali-T764 GPU with support for OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 /3.0, and OpenCL 1.1 ” … really 2.0 Ghz ?
Rk3288 should runs 1.8Ghz max, or not ?


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[…] Ugoos UM3 is another minic PC powered by Rockchip RK3288 SoC with 8GB storage, 2GB RAM. It has Wi-Fi, but no Ethernet, so it looks like the offspring between a full-sized TV box and an HDMI stick. The company sent me a sample for evaluation pre-loaded with a dual boot image with Android 4.4 & Ubuntu 14.10. I’ll start by unboxing, and opening the device, before testing the dual boot image another day. […]