SAM 15×15 is a Tiny Arduino Zero Compatible Board based on Atmel SAMD21G18 MCU

Arduino Zero is an official Arduino board based on UNO r3 form factor but using Atmel SAMD21G18 ARM Cortex M0+ MCU instead of an AVR MCU. Albert van Dalen has decided to design a compatible module based on the same MCU, and called SAM 15×15, as its size can be trimmed down to as low as 15×15 mm.

SAM 15×15 comparison with Arduino Zero and Uno boards.

SAM 15×15Arduino ZeroArduino Uno
Digital I/O Pins digitalWrite digitalRead34 2014
Analog Output Pins (PWM) analogWrite24106
Analog Input Pins (ADC) analogRead1466
ADC resolution12-bit12-bit10-bit
10-bit DACs110
Flash Memory256KB256KB32KB
EEPROM32KB (emulated in Flash)32KB (emulated in Flash)1KB
CPU Speed48MHz48MHz16MHz

The board allows for three form factors to match your specific needs:

  • 28 x 28mm – 40 pins with 2.54mm pitch; fits on a breadboard
  • 22 x 22mm – Smaller version of the 28 x 28mm board with less 2.54mm pitch
  • 15 x 15mm – 40 pins with 1.27mm pitch

While SAM 15×15 modules are much smaller than Arduino Zero, they come with 34 I/Os instead of just 21 I/Os on Zero board.

Pinout Diagram – Click to Enlarge

You can program the board with the Arduino IDE just like you’d do with an Arduino Zero, except you’ll need to solder a USB header as shown in the picture below, and use a special, yet cheap, 5-pin female to USB male cable to program it.

Beside the link to in the introduction, you’ll find more details on the developer’s project page, where you can also contact him if you want to purchase the board for 24.95 Euros including worldwide shipping. Technical questions can be asked on a dedicated thread on forums.

Thanks to Nanik for the tip.

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