Daytripper Uses Laser Time-of-Flight Sensor to Hide Your Slacking Off From Your Boss

Have you ever run into that awkward situation where you were actively busy doing something totally off company’s duties on the computer and got caught red-handed, or an unknown intruder ventured into your privacy, and you got in this awkward unexplained situation. If yes, then you are not alone.

Daytripper - A multifunctional laser tripwire!
Daytripper – A multifunctional laser tripwire!

Work could be boring sometimes, and some of us do like to take some steam off probably by playing some video games, watch funny videos, or do something outside the blues. It is nice until a superior or a colleague catches us doing that.  One way to avoid this is by closely observing our surrounding while getting ourselves immersed but doesn’t always work well because it is super easy to slack off. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore thanks to an innovative project designed by dekuNukem called Daytripper.

Daytripper is a laser tripwire that will help you automatically hide your active computer windows when an event occurs. Think about Daytripper as an extra vision to monitor your surroundings while also be able to take actions to protect you from harm. Upon activation, Daytripper can:

  • Hide all your windows.
  • Lock your computer.
  • Execute a custom script.

Daytripper is a motion-detector system. It includes two major essential parts: A Transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX). The Receiver is plugged into the computer while the Transmitter is put along the path of the incoming threat. Once motion is detected by TX, it wirelessly sends a signal to the RX device, which then acts as a USB keyboard and presses a key combo to cover the user’s track.

Daytripper transmitter uses a laser time-of-flight sensor from STMicroelectronics VL53L0X. The transmitter can detect motion within 120cm (4 ft), with a scanning rate of 5 Hz that is about detection ready in about 200 milliseconds. Unless the person is running fast, you will most likely detect that motion.

Communication between both the transmitter and the receiver is through the nRF24L01 (2.4 GHz on the ISM band)  and cover around 100 meters. The transmitter is fitted with a coin cell battery capable of lasting for 40-hours and rechargeable via USB-C.

Daytripper Receiver
Daytripper Receiver


  • Can detect motion witing 120cm (4ft)
  • Has a 5Hz scan rate, works best indoors.
  • Works out-of-box with Windows, compatible with all major OSs.
  • Has a 40-hour battery life, rechargeable via USB-C.
  • Has a 100 meter (330 ft) communication range between TX and RX, open-air.
  • Comes with a magnetic mounting kit.
  • See the Quick Start Guide and Advanced Usage Guide for more detail

Daytripper is available for purchase on Tindie for about $59.99. It works out-of-box with Windows and is compatible with all major OSs.

If you want to build your own Daytripper, the firmware and hardware are both available on GitHub under an MIT license. To see through the mind of the creator during the project, you can read through his Hackaday logs.

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3 years ago

I thought it could make a great April Fool’s. But it’s quite inefficient, there are radars such as RCWL-0516 detecting moves in a much wider area (5-10m) for less power (typically 3mA), and for less than $1/pc. Also, relying on 2.4 GHz transmission between the devices means if the boss suspects you he just has to walk with a tiny 2.4 GHz jammer to catch you doing your not-to-corporate business. Not to mention that potentially this opens a huge backdoor into your system by allowing anyone to remotely inject keystrokes into your PC when you’re not watching (this might even… Read more »

3 years ago

“some of us do like to take some steam off probably by playing some video games, watch funny videos, or do something outside the blues”. If that happens to you often maybe you are not needed in the company, or the company has other serious problems such as organizative ones.

Remember, if you are bored, find something to do related to your job to improve your skills. The other unproductive stuff can be done at home. Why am I surprised lazy people is all around in this world? :/

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