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The “How-Tos & Training Materials” aims to provide resources for developers, but also users, who want to learn more about ARM, Linux, Android, and other technical subjects.

If you’ve bookmarked this page, and wonder where all materials about ARM Linux development have gone, they’ve now been moved to the Embedded Linux Development sub-page.

I’ve also added a glossary for the technical terms used in CNX Software from electronics to high level software, and standards.

Finally, there are now sections for individual silicon manufacturers, boards, and operating systems with the how-tos and tutorials published on, as well as link to other interesting resources:

12 Replies to “How-Tos & Training Materials”

  1. Wonderful !! I’ve been searching a lot to find out how to port linux,android onto ARM processors. others were so confusing for a starter like me…I guess my search ends here today.

  2. Hi…need your help..any idea why my m8 keep flickering.
    I have tried to chg the hdmi cable n also tried on different tv but it still flickers.

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