Ambarella CV75S AI SoC brings Vision Language Models (VLM) and Vision Transformer Networks to cameras

ambarella cv75s

Ambarella has been expanding its AI SoC portfolio, and the latest addition is the CV75S family of 5nm chips. The company claims this family introduces the most cost- and power-efficient SoC option for running the latest AI-based image processing like vision language models (VLMs) and vision transformer networks in security, robotics, conferencing, and sports cameras. The CV75S family is the first in Ambarella’s lineup to integrate the latest CVflow 3.0 AI engine, which results in 3 times the performance compared to the former generation. CVflow 3.0 is a chip architecture designed based on a deep understanding of the core computer vision algorithms. It features a dedicated vision-processing engine that Ambarella has programmed using a high-level algorithm description and works with Tensorflow, Caffe, and PyTorch. This engine enables the SoC to perform trillions of operations each second at a fraction of the power consumption of leading GPUs and general-purpose CPU solutions. These chips also […]

Ambarella N1 SoC brings Generative AI to the edge for video analytics, robotics, industrial applications

Ambarella N1

Ambarella has been working on adding support for generative AI and multi-modal large language models (LLMs) to its AI Edge processors including the new 50W N1 SoC series with server-grade performance and the 5W CV72S for mid-range applications at a fraction of the power-per-inference of leading GPU solutions. Last year, Generative AI was mostly offered as a cloud solution, but we’ve also seen LLM running on single board computers thanks to open-source projects such as Llama2 and Whispter, and analysts such as Alexander Harrowell, Principal Analyst, at Omdia expect that “virtually every edge application will get enhanced by generative AI in the next 18 months”. The Generative AI and LLM solutions running on Ambarella AI Edge processors will be used for video analytics, robotics, and various industrial applications. Compared to GPUs and other AI accelerators, Ambarella provides AI Edge SoC solutions that are up to 3x more power-efficient per generated […]

Ambarella A12S SoC Allows For Cheaper 4K 30 fps Action Cameras, or Does it Not?

[Update: I’ve been informed that Ambarella A12S product brief from their website contains outdated information, and that A12S does indeed support 4K @ 30 fps, not only 2K @ 30 fps] [Update 2 (03/09/2016): The company has now updated the page, and I’ve myself updated the article accordingly] Some ultra cheap Allwinner V3 based cameras are advertised as 4K cameras, but in reality they are limited to 4K @ 15 fps, and on top of that the software have to extrapolate data to get to that resolution. So there are not usable for most people, unless maybe if you somehow need a 4K CCTV camera. Currently one of the cheapest “true” 4K action cameras is Yi Technology / Xiaomi Yi 2 sports camera based on Ambarella A9S SoC, capable of recording up to 4K @ 30 fps, and selling for around $250. But there’s now a new wave of cheaper […]

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 Offers an Alternative to GoPro HERO4 Black Camera

[Update: While Xiaomi is a minority investor of YI in China, and YI products are sold in Xiaomi stores, Xiaomi does not own YI Technology nor does it own, produce or design any of its products. Therefore any mentions of Xiaomi in the article should be read instead as “YI Technology.”] Xiaomi is about to launch a new 4K sports camera with Xiaomi Yi 4K powered by Ambarella A9SE dual core Cortex A9 processor and supporting video recording up to 4K @ 30 fps. The specs of the new camera is actually pretty similar to what you’ve got on GoPro HERO4 Black camera, plus some improvements as the comparison table below shows. I found the data on GeekBuying blog, so it could not be entirely unbiased, but it still gives an idea. Yi 4K Action Camera GoPro HERO4 Black Processor Ambarella A9SE Ambarella A9 Image Sensor Sony IMX377 12MP ½ […]

Ambarella Unveils SL2m IP Camera Reference Design Promising up to 6 Months of Battery Life

Ambarella S2Lm IP Camera SoC features a Cortex A9 CPU core, encodes video with H.264 up to 3Mp30 / 1080p30, and targets  consumer and entry-level IP Camera designs. The company recently launched a new battery-powered IP camera reference design based on the solution that promises up to 6 months battery life, and can record Full HD video in less than 500ms from wake up, making ideal for battery operated security cameras. A Linux SDK is also provided with reference implementations for low-power standby operation, wake-on-Wi-Fi and fast boot to Linux. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know about the reference design, so instead I’ll have a look at the processor, and SL2m IP camera evaluation board. Ambarella SL2m SoC specifications: CPU – ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 32KB/32KB I/D and 128 KB L2 Cache, NEON and FPU, Crypto Engine – AES/3/DES/SHA-1/MD5 DSP / VPU –  Ambarella Image and Video DSPs Sensor and […]

Xiaomi Yi Full HD Action Camera Sells for $64

Xiaomi has decided to enter the sports camera market with an inexpensive 1080p action camera called Xiaomi Yi that will sell for 399 CNY ($64) in China, and outspecs the $135 entry-level Go Pro Hero camera. Specifications of the Yi camera: SoC – Ambarella A7LS ARM1136 SoC System Memory – N/A Storage – Some internal storage for firmware, plus a micro SD slot for pictures/videos (up to 64GB) Camera 16MP Sony Exmor R BSI Back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor Aspheric HD Optical Glass Lens / F2.8 Large Aperture 155° Ultra Wide Angle 1080p 60/48/30/24fps, up to 960p60, 720p120, 480p240 video recording Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, Self-Timer, Time-lapse, Burst Shot Display – None Video Output – micro HDMI port Audio – Dual-channel 96 KHz sampling rate, 92 dBa SNR Connectivity – WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 (Broadcom) for connection with Android / iOS devices Sensors – ST High Performance 3-Axis G-sensor […]

Ambarella Unveils A9 4K Ultra HD Camera SoC

Ambarella has recently today introduced the A9 camera System on Chip (SoC) with support for the new 4K Ultra HD video standard in order to power next generation of mirrorless, sports, and digital still cameras. Ambarella A9 SoC features two ARM Cortex A9 cores (surprisingly), as well as Ambarella Image and Video DSPs. The A9’s video features include video timelapse modes, capture of high-resolution still images during video recording, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and burst capture of up to sixty 12-megapixel still images per second. Ultra-wide angle and small form factor lenses are supported with full lens distortion correction. The A9 also support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. Ambarella A9 Feature Summary: 4K Ultra HD video recording @ 30 fps. High definition video recording at 720p @ 240fps and 1080p @ 120fps. Burst mode support for still image capture of over 700 Megapixels per second. Multi-exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) […]

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