Metaio Releases Mobile Augmented Reality SDK

Yesterday Qualcomm released QCAR SDK 1.5 Beta, and today Metaio announces its Mobile SDK 3.0 for augmented reality application development on Android and iOS. The metaio Mobile SDK brings with it patented gravity-awareness and visual tracking technology for 2D and 3D objects, now three times more robust than the previous version. These features combined will ensure AR experiences that are more natural, more intuitive, and more realistic, says the company. Metaio recently announced formal collaborations with ARM, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments to fully take advantage of the GPU hardware provided by those companies and the Mobile SDK is optimized for ARM Mali GPU (both graphics and compute), ST Ericsson Nova and NovaThor mobile processors and TI OMAP processors. The metaio Mobile SDK also includes its own 3D rendering engine – now with advanced shader support – and a plugin to make use of Unity3D (3D game engine). You can watch […]

Qualcomm Releases Augmented Reality SDK 1.5 Beta for Android

Qualcomm has just announced the availability of QCAR SDK version 1.5 Beta 1 for Android. is now available for download. The Key features and improvements in this version of the QCAR SDK include: Video background texture access: The SDK now provides a simple and streamlined way of accessing the video background texture. Developers can now write custom special effects using powerful shaders resulting in far more exciting application experiences. Swapping datasets at runtime: If your app needs to augment more than 60 images, you can now create multiple datasets – using the web-based Target Management System (My Trackables tool)- and load the appropriate dataset at runtime. You no longer have to upgrade your app to change the target dataset, and you can now build AR experiences that work on a large number of images. Improved tracking performance: The new SDK features several enhancements that reduce jitter in the augmentations, speed […]

Try Windows Phone 7.5 on Your Android / iOS device or Desktop

If you own an Android smartphone or iPhone, and wonder what Microsoft Windows Mobile 7.5 looks like, you can now try it directly inside your phone without installing anything. Microsoft has setup a HTML5 website which offers a working demo of Windows Phone 7.5. It’s obviously not the same as the full OS, but it does allow visitors to experience the look and feeling of Window Phone 7.5 and access applications such as email and calendar. Simply visit in your mobile phone browser to try the demo. If you don’t own a smartphone yet, you can also try it in your desktop browser. It did not work in Firefox for me, but works fine in Chrome. You can tap to access different menus. Once you are inside a menu, you’ll be asked to swipe or tap to discover the features of the operating systems. All demos are pre-recorded, so […]

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