How to Import Google+ Account and Communities to MeWe

Google+ Export Data

Google+ for consumers is going to definitely shutdown on April 2nd, and as written previously I had been looking for an alternative, and ended-up going with MeWe Ad-free, Privacy Focused Social Network. I created my own account, as well as two groups for development boards & SBCs and mini PCs & TV boxes. Many users have joined MeWe because of Google+ upcoming closure, so it made sense for the company to create an importer so that all posts, and communities can be imported from Google+ into MeWe. Mark Weinstein, MeWe CEO & founder, has now announced the release of Google+ Importer and instructions in a PDF sadly written in Microsoft Word… The steps are fairly simple: Go to and click on “Deselect All” Select Google+ Circles, Google+ Communities, and Google+ Stream (apparently Google+ Likes is not needed), and make sure to check the format to JSON whenever possible as […]

MeWe is an Ad-free, Privacy Focused Social Network

MeWe CNX Software

This post will be fairly off-topic, but recently Google announced they’d be closing Google+ for consumers. CNX Software has a community about TV boxes and mini PCs with over 12,000 members on the site, and that means it will go away eventually. So Google+ is going away, Facebook is very popular – and we have our own page – but many people have privacy concerns, don’t like the way the company handles their data, and/or for sensitive subjects, censorship appears to have come into play recently. Twitter is another option which I also use, but there’s no such things as groups or communities. But the other day, I noticed people on Google+ complained about the lack of activity in a specific community, and a person replied that everybody moved to MeWe… OK, so what is MeWe? As described on the website: Engineered with privacy-by-design, MeWe turns the table on Facebook […]

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