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This post will be fairly off-topic, but recently Google announced they’d be closing Google+ for consumers. CNX Software has a community about TV boxes and mini PCs with over 12,000 members on the site, and that means it will go away eventually.

So Google+ is going away, Facebook is very popular – and we have our own page – but many people have privacy concerns, don’t like the way the company handles their data, and/or for sensitive subjects, censorship appears to have come into play recently. Twitter is another option which I also use, but there’s no such things as groups or communities.

MeWe CNX Software
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But the other day, I noticed people on Google+ complained about the lack of activity in a specific community, and a person replied that everybody moved to MeWe… OK, so what is MeWe? As described on the website:

Engineered with privacy-by-design, MeWe turns the table on Facebook and other social media companies with a revolutionary service that emphasizes privacy and social sharing where people can be their true, uncensored selves. No Ads. No Spyware. No BS.

The social networks work in web browsers, and mobile apps for Android and iOS are available as well. So I decided to go ahead, and created two groups on MeWe: One dedicated to development boards and the others to TV boxes and mini PCs. I’m still learning to use it, but so far it feels like a mixture between Facebook and Google+.

But wait… no ads, no tracking, no spyware, and free? What’s the trick? MeWe is making money on extra services. For example if I wanted to create a page for CNX Software it would cost be $2.99 per month.

MeWe PagesOther ways to make money are explained in the FAQ:

…there are optional special features including extra storage (8GB is free, and 50GB is $4.99 per month), Secret Chat (like WhatsApp only without their egregious tracking) for $.99 cents per month, Custom Emojis at $.99 cents a packet, plus MeWe Pages (coming soon) at $1.99 per month, and special games exclusive to MeWe members.

…MeWePRO supercharges communication and collaboration between employees inside any organization or project, and costs less than $75 per year per employee.

That means the project gets funded via premium features for consumers, as well as services targeting businesses. Provided this business model works and they keep their privacy commitments, MeWe could eventually become one of the larger social networks.

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11 Replies to “MeWe is an Ad-free, Privacy Focused Social Network”

  1. How will you make income from the site CNX? It is costing you time effort. On CNX-SOFTWARE you have adverts and Patron, to fund you. Just curiosity from me nothing more.

    1. Most of the income is derived from direct advertisers (e.g. companies that contact me direct to publish their banners), followed by Adsense, then affiliate programs, and kind donations from readers.

    1. If true, MeWe founder and CEO is committing legal fraud and will most likely be sued. Here is an article from 2015 where he details Alphabet’s data mining practices in less than flattering terms. To do this while being “owned” or funded by Alphabet is intentional deception and a direct violation of their terms of service.

      In other words, legal fraud and thus highly unlikely in my opinion.

  2. Just tried your links and the content is not accessible without creating an account. I always stay very far away from such sites.

    1. … Mastodon, Diaspora, etc.

      Except these have already failed — they have failed to provide a compelling business model to support development, growth and security and to attract users.

      These decentralized networks are typically a collective of independently owned nodes with each node responsible for their own finances and security. Most nodes operate on a charity basis. As should be expected, these nodes can and do fail and close down all the time.

      It’s foolish to expect great service and security from people you can’t even identify or locate.

  3. Avoid twitter. I signed up with email but they demanded more private info like telephone # before they enable the account. Plus, their service is throttled so you often see error message linking to tweet with broswer.

    1. You can choose not to give Twitter more of your data. 2FA uses the phone to receive login codes. I use Twitter a lot, even more than Facebook.

      Why not create a forum on this site? It is the best way. I would sign up instantly. No more Facebook, Twitter or this MeWe social network. I have enough social network accounts.

  4. Ever sine I created the account the account I can’t login. I can’t do anything with it. I don’t even know how the interface looks like

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