Allwinner MR133 Processor Targets Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Allwinner MR133

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new processor from Allwinner, so today I got curious and visited the company website hoping to find maybe some news about the first Cortex-A7x processor from the company. But instead I found something else intriguing with the new Allwinner MR133 processor specifically designed for “SLAM/VSLAM intelligent robot sweeper solutions”. In other words, Allwinner has just launched a processor for robot vacuum cleaners… Allwinner MR133 key features and specifications: CPU – Quad-core Arm Cortex-A7 processor @ 1.8GHz with 32KB L1 I-cache + 32KB L1 D-cache per core, 512KB L2 cache, low-power CoolFlex power management architecture GPU – Arm Mali 400MP2 with support for OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1, Direct3D 11.1, OpenVG 1.1 Memory I/F – 32-bit DDR4/DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR3/LPDDR4 Storage I/F – eMMC 5.0 flasj, compatible with eMMC 5.1, support Full Disk Encryption(FDE) 8-bit TLC/MLC/SLC/EF NAND flash, supports FDE LDPC/80-bit BCH/1024bytes Video Engine – H264 HP encoder 1080p @ 60fps, JPEG encoder up to 4096 x 4096 …

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ESP8266 based ANAVI Light Controller can be Programmed with Home Assistant or the Arduino IDE (Crowdfunding)

ANAVI Technology previously launched a Light pHAT allowing for RGB Light strip connection to Raspberry Pi boards, and during my review of ANAVI Light pHAT with Raspberry Pi 2, it did the job, but if that’s all you want to do, the  Raspberry Pi board is clearly oversized & overpowered for the job. So Leon ANAVI got back to the drawing board and designed a similar open source hardware board – called ANAVI Light Controller – with an built-in ESP8266 module that removes the need for a fully fledged Linux board. ANAVI Light Controller specifications: Wireless Module – ESP8266MOD module based on ESP8266 Tensilica L106 32-bit processor Connectivity – WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Expansion Terminal block for 12 V RGB LED strip 3x I2C headers for sensors Debugging – UART header Misc – Button Power Supply – 12 V via power barrel jack Dimensions – 75 mm x 40 mm Certification – Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) BG000005 The board can …

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Sonoff S26 WiFi Smart Plug Works in All/Most Countries, Sells for under $10


One recurring issue with smart plugs / sockets is that they are often designed with a specific prong type, so if you want to use them in our country you may have to add an adapter, which may not be ideal, since the socket may fall off or have bad contact. Sonoff S26 WiFi smart plug solves that issue as ITEAD Studio made it available in six different versions for China, Australia, United Kingdom,  Europe type F, Europe type E, and the United States. Sonoff S26 specifications: Standard – US/ UK/ CN/AU/ EU(type F/E) Power supply – 90V~250V AC @ 50/60Hz Max. Current – 10A Max power – 2200W Connectivity – 802.11.b/g/n 2.4G WiFi with WEP/TKIP/AES encyprtion, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security Dimensions – 104 x 55 x 73 mm (Fire Retardant ABS enclosure) Weight –  130 grams Temperature Range – 0ºC-40ºC Humidity-  5%-90%RH, Non-condensing Certification – CE Just like other Sonoff devices, Sonoff S26 can be controlled via eWelink app fo Android …

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Alfawise JD-T8610-Q2 is Both a WiFi Light Bulb and 360° IP Camera


IP cameras and WiFi light bulbs are pretty common nowadays, but Alfawise JD-T8610-W2 combines both in a single device. The 3W white light bulb can be controlled with your Android/iOS smartphone to adjust the light, and a 360° camera with IR night vision is also built into the light bulb. Specifications: Camera + audio 1.3MP fisheye lens camera with 360° field of view (FOV) Built-in microphone and speaker Video / Audio format – H.264/AVI 960×960 @ 20 fps + audio (no format specified) Functions Interphone Motion detection up to 4 meters Night vision via 3 IR LEDs up to 8 meters Real-time video capture and recording Remote control Screenshot Storage – micro SD card slot up to 64GB Connectivity 802.11 b/g/n WiFi with WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption, 10 meters range Protocols: DHCP, TCP/IP, RTSP Light – 3x 1W white light Power Supply – 110-240V via E27 socket (5V DC internally) Temperature Range – -10 to 40°C Humidity – less than …

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FOSSASIA Summit 2018 Schedule – March 22-25

FOSDEM is the “Free & Open Source Software Developers’ European  Meeting” takes place the first week-end of February every year in Brussels, Belgium.  It turns out there’s an event in Asia called FOSSASIA Summit that’s about to take place in Singapore on March 22-25. There are some differences however, as while FOSDEM is entirely free to attend, FOSSASIA requires to pay an entry fee to attend talks, although there are free tickets to access the exhibition hall and career fair. There are also less sessions as in FOSDEM, but still twelve different tracks with: Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Cloud, Container, DevOps Cybersecurity Database Kernel & Platform Open Data, Internet Society, Community Open Design, IoT, Hardware, Imaging Open Event Solutions Open Source in Business Science Tech Web and Mobile Since the event is spread out over four days, it should be easier to attend the specific sessions you are interested in. I’ve created my own virtual schedule,  but since talks about IoT …

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Synthetic Sensors Combine Multiple Sensors and Machine Learning for General-Purpose Sensing

Sensors can be used to get specific data for example temperature & humidity or light intensity, or you can combine an array of sensors and leverage sensor fusion to combines data from the sensors to improve accuracy of measurement or detect more complex situation. Gierad Laput, Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, went a little further with what he (and the others he worked with) call Synthetic Sensors. Their USB powered hardware board includes several sensors, whose data can then be used after training through machine learning algorithms to detect specific events in a room, car, workshop, etc… List of sensors in the above board (at frequency at which data is gathered): PANASONIC GridEye AMG8833 IR thermal camera  (10 Hz) TCS34725 color to digital converter (10 Hz) MAG3110F magnetometer (10 Hz) BME280 temperature & humidity sensor, barometer (10 Hz) MPU6500 accelerometer (4 kHz) RSSI data out of 2.4 GHz WiFi module (10 Hz) AMN21111 PIR Motion sensor (10 Hz) ADMP401 …

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Wibeee Power Monitoring Device Plugs right into Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Box

We’ve covered several smart plugs or switches capable of monitoring electricity consumption and displaying results right in a smarphone app, or computer’s web browser with products such as Sonoff S31 or Broadlink SP2 WiFi smart sockets, or Sonoff POW switch. Those work for individual plugs, but if you want to cover your full house, you’d need several of those, and in some case it may not be so convenient as no plugs may be available for example for lights or air conditioner. Smilics Technologies has come up with an easier method, although less granular, thanks to their WIBEEE device that clips to your fuse / circuit breaker box using DINZERO “clip-on” technology, and available in single and  three phase models. Main features: Voltage Range – 85 to 265 V AC @ 50 ~ 60 Hz with 2% accuracy + variation in range of use depending on temperature, humidity, etc… Current Range – 500mA to 65A with 2% accuracy + variation …

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Xiaomi Sherlock M1 Allows You to Unlock Your Door with Your Smartphone

Xiaomi has recently launched a new product from their MiJia (My Home) family with Sherlock M1 smart lock, which can you stick to the inside part of your security lock, insert the key, and them control it with your smartphone using Xiaomi app. Sherlock M1 key features and specifications: Compatible with both right and left opening doors Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0 LE USB – 1x micro USB port for charging Battery – Rechargeable 3800mAh battery Dimensions – 12.80 x 6.20 x 7.35 cm Weight – 430 grams The lock ships with some specification / user guide? in English. The video below shows a bit more about the installation steps. The main benefit of such smart lock is that you can share virtual keys with other people living in the household, so no more lost keys. Of course, you’d have to trust this cannot be easily hacked. This “user manual” provides some more details with regards to supported locks, as well …

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