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  1. Paul
    November 17, 2013

    You haven’t mentioned that the new version of the camera, as well as having the on/off button on the outside of the waterproof housing, also has a reduced field of view to 120 deg which removes the vignetting which occurred when using the waterproof case as the original FOV was 140 deg.

    The latest version has “Full HD 1080p” printed on the front of the camera (original had just “HD 1080p”) and the microphone holes have been increased to slots.

    There is also a new waterproof case which has a larger latch which can be locked in place – the original was much smaller, hard to undo and had no lock.

  2. cnxsoft
    December 18, 2013

    It seems there’s now a new model called SJ4000 also based on Novatek NTK96650 – http://www.geekbuying.com/item/SJ4000-Novatek-1080P-30fps-12-Mega-Pixels-H-264-1-5-Inch-170-Wide-Angle-Lens-Outdoor-Waterproof-Sports-Home-Security-HD-DV-CAR-DVR-Camera-White-323558.html

    It’s more expensive ($120), and I’m not sure about differences.

  3. Svarc
    February 14, 2014

    Hello there.
    I recently bought one of those cameras and i have some problems with the battery display (its never true even after being on charger for whole night when i turn it on shows 2 bars full only) and 720p doesnt work, the first 720p try made half digitized and half white patches video and the second time whole camera just blocked and only the power button was working so i shut it off then when i turn it again showed me a message “Please insert card”, burned my memory card. the video in 1080p that my camera is making is way more blurred and more noisy than the video samples presented in that youtube video. it come with firmware version 131217V01 and i can see that your and the version presented on the youtube video is Y130615, maybe the seller from which i bought the camera updated and messed up the firmware or my camera its maybe a lame copy of the original. how can i know if i have original SJ1000 or a copy? and as i read online while in photo mode if you set 2s in capture mode after you press the OK button the camera will record photos every 2 seconds, useful for recording timelapse, is this true? cause when i do this only one photo is taken after i press the OK button and the camera stops.

  4. Svarc
    February 14, 2014

    forgot to mention too that the screen is always on and showing full battery whole time while on charger.

  5. Roma
    April 1, 2014

    You can find it even cheaper on banggood! http://www.banggood.com/SJ1000-HD-1080P-Waterproof-Helmet-Action-Camera-4-Diving-DVR-p-90981.html?p=YD2013118221201301IE 63 $ only, use coupon BGdeal to take -10 $

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