Fix “Static Random Posts Widget” WordPress Plugin Page Not Found (404) Error

If you are using the latest version of Static Random Posts Widget (Version 1.1) an HTTP Error 404 (Page not found) will be generated although the plugin works fine.

The 404 error may slightly delay your page load, you can check if you have the issue with PageSpeed Online. If you have such issue “Avoid bad requests” should appear in the results with the faulty link to

The reason for the error is the plugin is actually installed in plugins/static-random-posts-widget. To fix the issue, edit  ./wp-content/plugins/static-random-posts-widget/static-random-posts.php and look for path declarations with static-random-posts and change it to static-random-posts-widget.

Alternatively, you can download static-random-posts.php.bz2 I modified and uncompress it to replace static-random-posts.php. Please backup your file first.

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