Donate with Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1qx6s05j5kq6ykwjla96lx8f4fp23g6r5383r8tz





BitcoinCash (BCH): qq5nuw4hmnjhmtuwlrel8u63pc0qwjhcmskanta35y





Ethereum (ETH): 0x37e9b3eec78f8AFfFdE59B269A112E253B99C020





Ripple (XRP): rsBGXVsNKcoCd1rLuazLaxkdwxGEMf89Zp





Zcash (ZEC): t1fUjECEUhtdSTjiRnh8LaWBnYx46cTCpF3





Monero (XMR): 48jRo7UZ8H8ZxgLfKfNUvxF8TuTXqGQJB6WRH9QCU9PFdiQdZZwamY2iPQ8unSQhe4Ak2h7RGFtj2LpVpYsoizNvNWurVts

If you’d like to use another cryptocurrency, please let us know in the comments section.

7 Replies to “Donate with Cryptocurrencies”

    1. Coinomi does not support the Lightning Network yet, but I’ll add it once available.

  1. i would suggest monero (xmr) for donations over the internet. nobody can see your balance or transaction history. solid coin thats been around for years with great open source community & support. no pre-mines/free coins to developors. not a company. getmoneroDOTorg is the official site.

  2. Hello,
    Please add payments via Dero.It is private smart contract cryptocurrency.In dero have an option to assign custom name to address for example your can use the name of your website.In youtube have a video how is done that watch?v=RS3r-Erpufk. In coingecko your can search for dero to see the Twitter, reddit and official website.Basically dero is combination between monero and ethereum.It have smart contracts but private not like ethereum public smart contracts.Privacy is good.

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