Donate with Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC): bc1qx6s05j5kq6ykwjla96lx8f4fp23g6r5383r8tz





BitcoinCash (BCH): qq5nuw4hmnjhmtuwlrel8u63pc0qwjhcmskanta35y





Ethereum (ETH): 0x37e9b3eec78f8AFfFdE59B269A112E253B99C020





Ripple (XRP): rsBGXVsNKcoCd1rLuazLaxkdwxGEMf89Zp





Zcash (ZEC): t1fUjECEUhtdSTjiRnh8LaWBnYx46cTCpF3





Monero (XMR): 48jRo7UZ8H8ZxgLfKfNUvxF8TuTXqGQJB6WRH9QCU9PFdiQdZZwamY2iPQ8unSQhe4Ak2h7RGFtj2LpVpYsoizNvNWurVts

If you’d like to use another cryptocurrency, please let us know in the comments section.

5 Replies to “Donate with Cryptocurrencies”

    1. Coinomi does not support the Lightning Network yet, but I’ll add it once available.

  1. i would suggest monero (xmr) for donations over the internet. nobody can see your balance or transaction history. solid coin thats been around for years with great open source community & support. no pre-mines/free coins to developors. not a company. getmoneroDOTorg is the official site.

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