Github Releases GitHub for Windows Client

Github has announced the release of Github for Windows, a client that makes it easy to use Github in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and the upcoming Windows 8.

To get started, download GitHub for Windows. After the first part of the installation procedure, it will go through 2 eye raising steps: 1- Restart your computer, 2- Start Internet Explorer automatically (to complete the installation). Then you’ll just need to enter our credentials (or register) to get started with Github. It will automatically scan your local git repositories and ask you if you want to add then to Github. It will also show your Github repository as shown below.

If you want to clone other people Github repositories, you’ll need to go to, select a repository and click on “Clone in Windows” button (See below)

This will start cloning the repo in C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\GitHub directory (default) and show the progress in Github Windows client.

Once a repository is cloned, you can check the history and status for each file in a user friendly way as well as commit changes and find, checkout, create and publish branches.

That’s a good start for a first version, but it would be interesting to see issue tracker integration and possibly access to the wiki and graphs.

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