Zero Devices Z900 Android 4.0 HDMI Stick

A reader (Thanks Javier!) tipped me about the Zero Devices Z900, an upcoming Android 4.0 mini PC, by one of the companies providing the MK802 / Z802 mini PC.

Here are the unofficial specifications:

  • ARM Processor @ 1Ghz with Mali-400 GPU (AllWinner A10 ?, Wrong guess. It’s Telechips TCC8925)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4 GB Flash and microSD slot
  • HDMI video output
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 1x USB 2.0 port and 1x mini USB port (power)
  • OS – Android 4.0
  • Dimensions – 89 x 32 x 18 mm
  • Weight – 38 grams

This little device also support 3D video playback.

Availability and pricing are not available yet, but we can expect it to be in the same price range of his little brother (MK802 / Z802) that is around 70 to 80 USD including shipping. Since it has an HDMI male connector, it can be more convenient than the MK802 as you don’t have to carry the cables around. If the hardware is effectively based on AllWinner A10, you’ll also be able to running Ubuntu or another Linux distribution and eventually convert it to an XBMC media player.

Via: 4ndroid

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15 Replies to “Zero Devices Z900 Android 4.0 HDMI Stick”

  1. By 3D playback I’m pretty sure they mean SBS style 3D video which technically anything can play.

    3D in the context of AVCHD/Blu-ray material uses H.264 MVC which I don’t think is supported by the All Winner A10 though I would be very happy to be wrong.

  2. @ Pascal
    I can see your HDMI stick casing looks very much like the Zero Devices Z900, is it the same ? In that case, I suppose it’s actually based on AMLogic AM8726-M as indicated in my previous post:

    On your page, I can see you also have a picture of the “MK802”, do you also sell that one?

    Last question:). I can’t find a link to buy the device online, does that mean you only sell in quantities?

  3. at less than $50 (which they should be as they cant cost more than $25 to make ?) its a lot of ARM for your money but firstly it consumes over an amp (remember its going to be going full pelt on all the components at 1080p) so its being put forward as being usb powered …. do tv’s provide an amp over their usb sockets

    secondly (and i know its not practical sizewise and would add materially to the cost) but i wish they would add an ethernet port .. in the real world most peoples wifi isnt good enough for 720p nevermind 1080p

    getting there though .. lets get some cheap A10 boxes with sata and ethernet mass retailed in Europe ..

  4. I contacted this Pascal guy at He wrote that the Android sticks will be available for sale from today. It seems that the largest range of Android dongles means only one device at the moment: Hardware specs seem to be the same as in the post, just different housing + IR remote included. 99€ + shipping cost 15-26€ depending on place. A bit pricy.

  5. @ Emoryy
    Thanks for that, I forgot to send him and email, after he did not reply in the comment section.
    The price also excludes VAT, so the price is not attractive. I’m pretty sure Gocal uses AMLogic AML8726, but the one above might also use AMLogic or AllWinner.

    They also sell the MK802 for 109 Euros (exc. VAT).

    In the Netherlands, shipping in only 6.95 Euro (inc.VAT), for other countries it’s more expensive (15 Euros up).

    For those that don’t like to shop online from Chinese websites, it could always be an option.

  6. @ cnxsoft
    When I checked only the first one was available in the shop. 109€+ 19% dutch VAT+20€ shipping (to my country) ~=186$. That’s more than double price. An option, but I don’t think anyone well informed would be interested in it.

  7. @ Emoryy
    Yes, you are right it’s very expensive.
    I wonder when Europeans order from China, do they also have to pay import duties on top of the VAT when they receive the package, or usually no extra fees need to be paid ?

  8. @ cnxsoft
    I researched a little bit in this matter. This applies in Hungary, when buying from outside the EU:
    Under 22€ you pay nothing extra.
    Between value 22€ and 150€, VAT must be paid. This is 27% in Hungary. (Highest in the EU.)
    Over 150€ import duties apply plus the 27% VAT. (VAT on top of the toll, so it’s calculated lastly)

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