ARM Unveils Some Details About Mali-450 GPU

EETimes reports that ARM has shown details about its new GPU, the Mali-T450, which offers up to twice the performance of the Mali-400 and can be scaled up to 8 cores, whereas Mali-400 can only be scaled up to 4 cores.

The Mali-450 (codename Tyr) targets entry-level and mid-range mobile devices, and is said to be software compatible with Mali-400. ARM new GPU has also been “tweaked” to provide better performance at the cost of occupying a slightly larger area. The company recommends the use Mali-400 for 1 to 4 cores configuration and Mali-450 for 5 to 8 cores configuration for higher end products.

ARM Mali-200 vs Mali-400 vs Mali-450

Contrary to Mali-T604 and Mali-T685 GPU, Mali-450 does not support general purpose computing on GPU (GPGPU).

ARM is also working on a new GPU codenamed Skrymir based on Midgard architecture (Like Mali-T604 & T658) that should be available in 2014.

Mali 605, 658 and Skrymir
ARM Midgard GPU Roadmap

Source: EETimes

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