Amahi 6.1 for Ubuntu 12.04 Released

Amahi has just announced the release of Amahi 6.1, Ubuntu Edition, an Home Digital Assistant (HDA). Amahi used to only work for Fedora and this is their very first stable release for Ubuntu 12.04.

The key features of Amahi 6.1, Ubuntu Edition include:

  • Greyhole 0.9 (storage pooling technology)
  • Reliability fixes and updates
  • New look
  • Support for 32 / 64-bit Desktop and Server versions of Ubuntu
  • Improved cloud storage with Amahi Sync
  • Preliminary support ARM platforms such as PandaBoard and BeagleBoard
  • One-Click App installs via Amahi’s application store

If you want to get started with Amahi, you’ll have to register (and get an install code), and follow a few command line instructions. The instructions are the same to install on ARM platforms (assuming you already have Ubuntu 12.04 running), but Amahi developers recommend to install it to an hard drive instead of an SD card for performance reasons.

They are also working on a graphical installer to make installation easier. An Amahi server also acts as a DHCP server, so it’s something you should be on when your home network are on, and you’ll need to disable DHCP in your router. It’s also possible to disable DHCP in Amahi, but you’ll lose some features.

You can find more information on Amahi Ubuntu page, and if you want to try it out on ARMv7 platforms, visit Amahi on Pandaboard. If something goes wrong, you may have found a bug which you can report here.

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5 Replies to “Amahi 6.1 for Ubuntu 12.04 Released”

  1. And Amahi is … ah, a “Home Server”. I had to look that up. Do you use it yourself?

    There is also software with a name resembling Amahi, which takes care of connecting two LANs. Quite impressive.

  2. @ Sander
    I did mention it’s a “Home Digital Assistant” in the post, but it might not be a common term.

    You need a spare PC or board running Fedora / Ubuntu to run Amahi, and I don’t have one so I don’t use Amahi.

    I have tried to install it on my Mele A1000, but the installation failed due to a problem with mysqld apparently. The Ubuntu image is not really complete, so that might be why.

    The other software you talk about must be avahi.

  3. OK, then I have to remember that “Home Digital Assistant” is the same as a Home Server. 😉

    Name confusion:
    Amahi: a Home Server /
    Avahi: bonjour / zeroconf implementation for Linux
    Hamachi: VPN-software

    @ cnxsoft

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