Nikon Announces Coolpix S800c Android 2.3 Camera

Nikon announced the first Android camera to hit the market. The Coolpix S800c is a 16 MP Wi-Fi camera powered by an unnamed ARM Cortex A9 processor with 512 MB RAM running Android 2.3.3 that will sell for $349.

The S800c is basically a smartphone without the voice network capabilities, but with a proper camera capable of shooting clear pictures and videos, and a 10x optical zoom. Nikon also included a GPS to add localization info to pictures.

Cortex A9 Android CameraNikon lists the primary features of their Android camera as follows:

  1. Android 2.3 and Wi-Fi
    • Simple setup and connection
    • Browse and post to social networking sites (SNS) such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Support for Google Play and built-in Google apps
    • Simple image transfer to other smart devices via “Upload to Smart Device” app.
  2. Better shooting performance and images quality and definition (compared to a smartphone).
    • 10x optical zoom, NIKKOR lens and built-in lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function.
    • Backside illumination CMOS sensor ideal to shoot night landscapes and pictures taken indoors under dim lighting.
    • 1920 x 1080p/30-fps full-HD movies recodring with stereo sound
  3. my Picturetown app – A cloud storage app by Nikon to store and share pictures and videos on The app is available on Google Play, but the description and app is only in Japanese…
  4. Android UI in CameraGPS function (A-GPS compatible)
    The GPS module incorporated into the camera can be used to record positioning data (latitude and longitude), and when the “my Picturetown” app is used, the place where these photos and movies were recorded can be displayed on Google Maps.
  5. 3.5″ OLED touch panel display.

The camera also features 4GB internal Flash (My guess as 680 MB is reserved for apps and 1.7 GB for storage) a SD/SDHC memory card slot, an Hi-Speed USB port, and it is powered by a Li-ion Battery.

You can watch the video promo below which will show you that the Coolpix S800c  camera is so much better than your smartphone when it comes to taking pictures, that it will really impress your girl and your friends, and that you will end up becoming some sort of social media celebrity thanks to the great pictures you will take and share…

You may find further information on Nikon Coolpix S800c page.

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12 Replies to “Nikon Announces Coolpix S800c Android 2.3 Camera”

  1. Ha, cool … that was my expectation / prediction more than a year ago: camera’s with Android.

    So now we have:
    Phones with Android
    Tables with Android
    TV-sticks with Android
    TV’s with Android
    Camera’s with Android

    Next prediction:
    Car systems (navigation, radio, etc) with Android
    Thermostats with Android
    Ovens with Android

  2. @Bill Smith

    …and at that point you can delegate your entire social networking experience to a machine that just roams around and publishes stuff. Which is pretty much what the wealthy/famous do, except they have to pay an actual human to do it for them.

  3. Wow, this is awesome, a proper camera with a customisable application?

    If this keeps up – never again will I have to buy a locked down appliance with it’s shitty software which can’t be improved upon or replaced.

  4. oky, I’m sure it must be having a rechargeable battery, a good mic and a speaker too. So just add a $10 Qualcomm MDM66xx series cellular 3G chipset and a 2$ antenna for all bands. And it would turn into a perfect camera phone.
    One less device to carry and charge. 🙂 may be some day.

  5. @max
    That would be a phone camera, a new type of product.
    People who want a slim device with OK picture capabilities would buy a camera phone
    People who want to buy a device that can take great pictures and receive/make calls would buy a phone camera, with the drawback that it’s almost 3 cm thick.

  6. cnxsoft :
    Android for the car should already available very soon:
    Android is also part of the Genivi standard for infotainment in the car: so eventually Android will be in many cars.

    Thanks for the info. I would think a generic system wouldn’t need to cost 500 – 1000 Euro; a 200 Euro Android Phone can do about anything a car system needs to do: radio, music, bluetooth phone connection, navigation, possibly some care info (via the ODB interface?).

  7. @Sander
    This needs to be automotive grade: the device must support a wide temperature range, Silicon manufacturer must provide long term support (I think commit to manufacture parts for at least 7 years), and it probably has to comply with some government / safety regulations. This with the fact it will be low volume (compared to tablets for example) should explain why it’s more expensive.

    The downside with such system is that if you buy a car featuring an IVI system with Android 2.3 or 4.0 today, then you’ll probably still use the same system in 10 years time, unless you replace the hardware.

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