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TI Releases TI-RTOS, a Free Real Time Operating System for MCUs

Texas Instruments announced TI-RTOS, a complete real-time operating system based on a preemptive multithreading kernel for its MCU platforms. TI-RTOSs includes SYS/BIOS real-time kernel and network developer kit (NDK) TCP/IP stack. TI expects this new OS to speed-up software development by eliminating the need to write complex system software such as schedulers, protocol stacks, and low-level drivers.

TI-RTOS features and benefits:

TI-RTOS is available today on micro-controllers such as Stellaris Cortex-M and C28x + Cortex M3 Concerto MCUs, and will be offered soon on MSP430 and C2000 MCUs. You can find more information on TI-RTOS page, and download TI-RTOS (MCU SDK Micro-Controller Software Development Kit) for Linux (RH4 or Ubuntu 10.04) or Windows Windows 7/XP/Vista free of charge.

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