FFSB and IOzone: File System Benchmarking Tools, Features and Internals – ELCE 2012

Keshava Munegowda and Sourav Poddar, software engineers at Texas Instruments, give a presentation about 2 relatively new file system benchmarks: The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark (FFSB ) and IOzone at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012.


The IOzone is widely used File System Bench-marking tool in both linux and windows systems. The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark (FFSB) is a new cross-platform file-system performance measurement tool. It uses custom profiles as input to measure multiple file systems read/write performances. This paper identifies and compares these file system benchmarking tools in terms of the optimal usage techniques such as buffer size, number of threads, number of write blocks etc. Internals and features of these tools , and the necessary steps involved in the porting of benchmarking tools to different platforms are also discussed. The depicted file system benchmarking performance numbers, in this paper, are measured in both x86 PCs and ARM based SOC platforms.The audience for this presentation are the System Architects and Software Developers working on file systems,storage device drivers and Bench-marking tools.

IOzone and FFSB Benchmark Results on Intel Core i7 PC running Linux 3.2
IOzone and FFSB Benchnmark Results on Intel Core i7 PC running Linux 3.2

Agenda of the talk:

  • FFSB overview
  • FFSB profile files
  • FFSB internals
  • IOzone overview
  • IOzone internals
  • Porting of FFSB to ARM based platforms
  • Porting of IOzone to ARM based platforms
  • Example Results
  • FFSB v/s Iozone Summary
  • References

You can download the slides for this presentation, and download IOZone and/or FFSB to give it a try.

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4 Replies to “FFSB and IOzone: File System Benchmarking Tools, Features and Internals – ELCE 2012”

  1. Hi Jean,

    Is there any benchmark for iozone results how to confirm the performance of the disk is good

    1. You’d need to compare the results to the manufacturer’s data to see if there are any issues.

      1. I wanted to confirm an embedded system file system performance how to calculate benchmark for that it is ram based file system

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