Raspberry Pi Model A is Now Available (But Only in Europe)

The Raspberry Pi has just announced that RS Components and Premier Farnell/element14 have now Raspberry Pi Model A boards in stock. Raspberry Pi Model A is a cost down version of Model B using the exact same PCB but with less RAM (256 MB vs 512 MB), no Ethernet, and only one USB port.

Raspberry Pi Model A

This model seems more suitable for embedded projects, and you can get connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G… USB dongles. It consumes about a third of the power of the Model B, which will certain help with projects powered by solar panels or batteries. It could also be suitable as an even cheaper XBMC player, but if you need to add a USB Hub to connect extra peripherals, it may not really be worth it. Model A is only be available in Europe for now, but will eventually be available worldwide.

It will cost UK customers 26.02 GBP including shipping and VAT on Farnell, and 24.28 GBP (30.81 Euros) on RS Components. It’s supposedly possible to order the Model A in the rest of the world now on RS components or Allied Electronics, but shipping will take time because there’s still more red tape before this model can be sold outside of Europe. I could not find a link for pre-ordering Raspberry Model A outside of Europe.

[Update: I’ve been informed via twitter, that UK residents can get free shipping and handling put by adding WEBFREE as an order comment when placing the order with Farnell. This makes Model A costs just 18.88 GPB]

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It might be more useful in building something like this?


Tempting as some stand alone device using only USB for wifi dongle. Especially if you go with some kind of wifi remote or tablet app.

I could see getting one and setting up mp3/podcast/internet radio setup with some old set of speakers and remote app on android tablet/phone.

Low cost, low power draw no need monitor.

My model B works now as XBMC media center and does fine job. Will be getting one model A for fun when its available here.


And you need a codec for mpeg and blueray movies.


For posting a comment I must use “proxtube” because I get every time this message “Accsess has been blockes you think this is an error ….”


I do not have a fixed ip address.