ARMBRIX Zero / OPENBRIX Zero Board Cancelled

ARMBRIX Zero (renamed to OPENBRIX Zero), the cheapest ARM Cortex A15 board that was supposed to hit the market next month, won’t be produced anymore. Howchip has published a laconic notice to explain the cancellation:

Dear Customers

Due to a situation experienced by the ARMBRIX Company(, the production of its boards have been discontinued.
At this time we ask for the understanding of our customers who have shared interest in the ARMBRIX zero/OPENBRIX zero product.
Every PAYPAL payment will be refunded by next week.
Refunds will take 3-5 business days to process.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and would like to thank every customer that has appreciated the ARMBRIX/OPENBRIX zero product.

The project owner cannot provide an explanation why this has been canceled (it’s probably confidential), but still offer people to contact him if they have project ideas for the board.

That means the only Cortex A15 option is now to use Arndale development board, although alternatively you may be able to use consumer products such as Google “New Chromebook” or Nexus 10 tablet depending on your project needs.

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That is very sad news. I have ordered the arndale board, I hope they don’t drop support for it also, it makes us very uncomfortable and distrusting of the company.


[…] Via: cnx-software […]


Assuming they came under *some sort of pressure* or/and they were the mid. Finger_of_fertility when they asked for exclusive access to source..idk..just wondering..

A Lot of companies have been delibrately trying to kill competition.


[…] it now, or rather register your interest, for just $149 (+shipping) via IFC6410 page. With the cancellation of OPENBRIX Zero board, this is the cheapest Cortex A15 board that I know of, and with 4 cores it will even more powerful […]