Picuntu Home://io Edition Brings GPU Acceleration to RK3066 based Mini PCs

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Earlier this year, Picuntu (RC2), an Ubuntu-based distribution, was released for RK3066 powered HDMI dongles such as MK808, UG802, etc… More work has been going on since them, and Justin Gross (JustinTime4Tea) announced the release of Picuntu Home://io edition on SlateDroid. This distribution is based on Pictuntu RC3, supports GPU hardware acceleration, and lots of packages including Quake 3. GPU acceleration has been available since February thanks to olegk0, but I think it may be the first time it’s packaged into an installation image.


Justin added a lot of goodies in this image including:

  • Gaming – PCSX_rearmed Playstation Emulator and ioquake3 (with free demo files, replace with your own original Quake3 CD files) both supporting PS3 controller. Other games include GLTron, Solitaire, B.A.L.L.Z and a few more.
  • Web Browsers – Midori, Firefox, and Chromium with support for Flash
  • Graphics Tools – GIMP, Scribus, Inkscape, ImageMagick, etc…
  • Email & Messaging Clients – Slypheed, Xchat, Gwibber, Pidgin, etc…
  • Multimedia – VLC, Amarok media players and many others, but note hardware video decoding is not supported.
  • LibreOffice and other office tools

The only downside, if I can call it that way, is that you’ll now need a 8GB micro SD as Picuntu Home://io Edition takes 6.7GB of disk space.

Via Liliputing

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