ZGPAX S5 Android 4.0 SmartWatch Features a Dual Core Processor, a SIM Card Slot

The newly introduced Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartWatch all work as a smartphone companion, and have limited use if you don’t carry your smartphone with you. The Samsung watch also requires a recent smartphone running Android 4.3 and supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, which current seriously reduces the list of compatible smartphones. There are already standalone smartwatches in the market that include a SIM card slot, and allow you to make phone calls without a phone such as Z1 watch and WiMe NanoWatch. However, these watches feature low-end hardware with ARM9 processor, so the interface may feel a bit sluggish. ZGPAX S5 smartwatch with its Mediatek MT6577 dual core Cortex A9 processor, and 512 MB RAM, will be much more snappier. It runs Android 4.04 with Google Play Store, and comes with features such as a camera, GPS, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

ZGPAX S5 Smartwatch (left), SIM and microSD  Card Slots (right)
ZGPAX S5 Smartwatch (left), SIM and microSD Card Slots (right)

SGPAX S5 Specifications:

  • SoC – Mediatek MT6577 dual core Cortex A9 @ 1.0GHz + PowerVR SGX531 GPU
  • System Memory – 512MB RAM
  • Storage – 4GB NAND flash + microSD card slot (Up to 32 GB)
  • Display – 1.54” OGS (One-Glass Solution) capacitive touchscreen. Resolution: 240×240
  • Network – GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+. GSM 850/900/1800/1900. SIM card slot.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and GPS (A-GPS, GLONASS support)
  • Camera – 2.0MP camera
  • USB – microUSB host port
  • Audio – Headphone via microUSB, FM radio
  • Sensors – Gravity sensor, light sensor, and distance sensor
  • Battery – 500 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions – 55x40x14mm

The watch comes with a battery, a USB cable, earphones, a charge, and a user’s manual. The 500mAh battery is said to be good for 2 days in standby mode, 6 hours talk, and in typical use, the battery is expect to last about one and a half day, which is expected for a relatively powerful device running Android, but annoying for a watch. Nevertheless this smartwatch does have potential, and the interface is snappy, as you can see from the video below from armdevices.net.

As mentioned in the video above, ZGPAX S5 costs $95 when bought in quantities from the manufacturer (Sample price is currently $165), but you can also buy from online resellers on Aliexpess ($165 and more), Ebay ($185 and more), or Chinavision ($150).

Thanks to onebir for the tip.

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20 Replies to “ZGPAX S5 Android 4.0 SmartWatch Features a Dual Core Processor, a SIM Card Slot”

  1. It’s quite nice, even better than the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Just a litter thinner and a better battery and I will definitely buy one!

  2. “but annoying for a watch.”

    Sure it is not practical !
    But, why not use a kinetic energy recovery system? Then it may last for a week or more.

  3. @JotaMG

    I just know the watches kinetic system, an example:


    As an “ex” watches market professional I know this system well, the problem is the extra space that it needs and the knowledge over mechanical engineering. These kind of watches are big enough… and this is mechanics, not electronics, so maybe more difficult to be made by an electronics chinese company.

    On the other hand, maybe a good way to get power, but… how much? One thing is a watch, another very different is a 1.54″ screen eating our battery.

    Any way, interesting idea.

  4. Wireless charging is a MUST, due to waterproof (do not need 10ATM water resistant… but at least support a shower).

  5. I don’t like the SOC on this one, MTK 6577 is power hungry, one with a MTK6572 would have been so much better, I would have bought that one.

  6. Are you sure it is BLE (BT 4.0)? On pandawill = bt 2.0 and on dx.com = bt 3.0. I wonder which one is right?

  7. @Slowstream
    I got BT 4.0 from the manufacturer website. When it comes to Bluetooth version in specs always assume the worse :p

    I’m not even sure BLE is a mandatory feature of Bluetooth 4.0, so it may be possible to BT 4.0 devices without BLE (TBC). Last time, I checked about Bluetooth versions, and that was confusing. http://www.cnx-software.com/2013/06/05/bluetooth-versions-walkthrough-and-bluetooth-4-0-low-energy-development-resources/

    Now I have an Android phone, and I could not even find an easy way to check the real Bluetooth version, even though I have the device in my hands.

  8. Hello, may I ask a question pls? Is there a build in GPS in the S5? I mean a real positioning, AGPS support, an can I install a map or navigation application, using the GPS, or it can use just the celphone data for location? THX in advance!

    1. I’ve been asking one for review but never actually managed to get a unit, so it’s difficult to answer with certainty.
      But the device appears to be based on Mediatek SoC + 4-in-1 combo chip (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM). So it’s very likely there’s GPS hardware in the device. I’m not sure about app support, as the screen is really small for map applications.

  9. pregunto si alguien ha comprado este producto zpax s5 y se la han enviado, porque pregunte en chat linea en dx.com me recomiendan no comprar ningun producto que trabaje con bateria de litio porque hong kong post ya no envian productos con baterias de litio y detienen el envio.

  10. @esteban5
    I’ve recently received a smartphone from them with a lithium ion battery, but they shipped it via Singapore Post. Actually, they ship most products via Singapore post now (at least to the ones I ordered), and it now takes about 2 weeks for shipping, instead of 3 to 4 weeks with HK post.

    FYR. Google translation of esteban5 comment:
    “wondering if anyone has purchased this product and the s5 zpax sent because online chat ask dx.com I recommend not to buy any product that works with lithium battery because hong kong post no longer send products with lithium batteries and stop shipping.”

  11. I own this smartwatchphone. I’ve had it for about four months. What it does, it does very well. What it lacks is a team of developers. It’s HUGE as far as it’s possibilities. My only concern is the battery. It stays charged well so long as it’s just on but if I go online the battery gets eaten alive and the whole watch gets quite warm. I’ve read that some developer created an app that allowed the ZGPAX to go online without draining the battery. Another fault is I’m not able to replace the standard time screen with something I’d rather have. Other apps are available on Google Play store but how do I pay for them? I’ve downloaded several but how and where do they work?
    I really like this thing but need HELP!

  12. I really like this thing but need HELP! Help in things other than VIDEO GAMES, which, if I’m not mistaken eat the battery for lunch. Running online like this, and it may be true also for games, knocks the battery flat in less than 15 minutes from full charge. I’d like it to do ordinary stuff that’s done on any smartphone. Where are all the other clever apps. I’ve seen videos of my ZGPAXSG online where the initial time screen shows a second hand. Where is it? Where is the command for it? How do I get other time screens to replace the same old three watch faces. For me to get the ZGPAXSG to work, I had to crash it for weeks before it began a productive life. It’s still a mystery to me, BUT I do like it a great deal and want it to work. If not, it’s gonna lose it’s opportunity to Samsung and everyone else.

  13. @cnxsoft
    Salut CNX,

    I recently started to sell BLE heart rate monitor on my website (www.energympro.com) but had nothing to test them. So I decided to buy the cheapest BT 4.0 and android 4.3+ device I could find to test with a aleatory android device (so I finally know if it works or not) and end up with u25gt super edition at 60$.

    You wrote:”I’m not even sure BLE is a mandatory feature of Bluetooth 4.0, so it may be possible to BT 4.0 devices without BLE (TBC).”

    Well the only thing I can say is that the BLE smart heart rate works just fine with the tablet. So I indeed think as long as you have a os with bt 4.0 (now called smart ready), then it mean it is compatible with any smart devices (BLE compatible).

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