Android 4.4.2 KitKat Beta Released for Rockchip RK3188 mini PCs

I’ve just been informed that Android KitKat, version 4.4.2, is now available for Rockchip RK3188 powered mini PCs based on AP6210 Wi-Fi module. This is a beta version, but it’s known to work for MK908 II, CX-919, GM282, GK525, iMito QX2, and IPPLI Mars I2C HDMI TV dongles. Albeit MK908 is also based on AP6210 Wi-Fi module, it does not appear to work right now, and the “new” model of MK802 IV with AP6210 might work, but has not been tested. MK908II_KitKatDevices based on AP6330 and other Wi-Fi modules, such as T428 mini PC, are not working with this firmware, and you’ll have to wait a few more days or weeks to get a compatible firmware.

Android 4.4 will bring new features that can be interesting with mini PCs such as printing support, screen recording, and overall better graphics and streaming performance. So with the recent release of AndrOpen Office,  HDMI TV sticks get slowly bu surely, ever closer to full PC functionality with an office suite and printing support (if your printer is supported in Android).

You can download KitKat firmware for RK3188 / AP6210 mini PCs @ The downloaded file is 291MB, and needs the password to be decompress.

You can follow the usual firmware upgrade instructions. Please note the firmware tool has been to updated to RKBatchTool v1.7.

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20 Replies to “Android 4.4.2 KitKat Beta Released for Rockchip RK3188 mini PCs”

  1. If you have problems with root permissions, specially when you try to update the su binary after SuperSu installation, install this tool on your windows pc, connect in adb with moborobo, click Remove Root and after Root Again with this tool. all work well after re-root with this tool.

  2. The new ZERO Devices Z6C Entertainment Box is coming with Android 4.4 KitKat, special support from Tincore Keymapper for gamepad and a Quad Core SoC

    Next month available…

  3. Android 4.4.2 KitKat under testing for ZERO Devices Z4C (firmware compatible with MK908). Recommended to WAIT until release a STABLE version.

  4. i just tested it and found some bug’s. iam going to list them and i dont want you guys to think that i am winging i a going to list them so every one knows what they are getting them selves into although i think these are bugs that can be easy to fix for a android guru

    (1) screen zoom function does not work. i could not see halve of the icons on top of the screen

    (2) some app like (uyaniktv) did not work i use this to stream live Turkish channels but other apps like DiziTvHD worked this app is more like netflix for turkish shows

    (3) in developer option i changed dailvic to art and it asked me to reboot so i did then i went to same option and found out that it did not change it stayed on dalvic.

    (4) i tried xbmc-ouya and justxbmc and they fail to start they install ok but when clicked on they dont start

    (5) there was something wrong with the screen color i think it does not have full HW acceleration

    I am sure these are bugs that can be fixed. i hope finless will soon release kitkat and bye the way who ever did this thanks

  5. It still uses kernel 3.0.36+, not the 3.5 (or better) required by android 4.3 and 4.4 so its not real kitkat, just an hybrid missing most of kitkat benefits.

  6. For MK902 the 4.4.2 kitkat, dont need try more, after some days it will be released. Available for download from AsiaPads.

    I know this because I am having dinner just now with the owner of MK908/808 factory.

  7. Javi :
    For MK902 the 4.4.2 kitkat, dont need try more, after some days it will be released. Available for download from AsiaPads.
    I know this because I am having dinner just now with the owner of MK908/808 factory.

    Sorry, I said MK902… wrong, I wanted to say MK908

  8. FYI: This update installs on Tronsmart T428 , everything seems to work and smooth 1080 video ..

  9. A firmware is designed for a model, can not be compatible with all of them. Different models mounting different WiFi chips, so it will not work well. It’s normal. Anyway manufacturers are working on 4.4.2 now and will be released soon

  10. For my MK908 and TV, it’s not really working really well… My screen is misaligned meaning that 15 % left portion of the display is at the right portion of the TV, there’s a black space of about 20% and the left is filled with a 60% of the rest of the screen from the right of the display! I know it’s not clear but I don’t know which setting to activate to repair this.;)

    HDMI Resolution doesn’t change anything in the output. So for me it’s going back to finless…


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