Android L x86 64-bit Developer Preview Emulator Image Released

Several weeks ago Linaro posted instructions to run Android L ARM 64-bit in QEMU which takes some efforts to setup, and at the time lacked OpenGL support (not sure about the status now). Google has now releases their own 64-bit Android L preview image for the x86 emulator, and hopefully they’ll release a 64-bit ARM image and NDK sometimes in the near future, as 64-bit mobile devices are expected for Q1 2015.


That means developers can now test the 64-bit version of their apps build for x86 using Google emulator. Java only apps should most probably work without issues, but apps relying on native code (C/C++/assembler) will certainly require a little bit more work.  The latest Android NDK (r10b) support 64-bit code, and apps can be built with x86_64 build target, or using APP_ABI=all64 in 64-bit support increases addressable memory space, provides a larger number of registers, and new instruction sets.

To install the image, simply go to SDK Manager in Android Studio, and select Intel x86 Atom_64 System Image.

Via Liliputing

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Michal Lazo
Michal Lazo

wow it looks like they show at least basic stuff from Android TV
But I don’t have any network connection on it


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