Add Wireless Charging to (Almost) Any Smartphone or Tablet

Flagship mobile devices often come with wireless charging capability, but there’s an easy way to add (Qi) wireless charging to almost any smartphone, or possibly tablet, thanks to wireless charging receivers that simply connect to the micro USB port of your mobile device, and can be purchased for as low as $7 on Aliexpress, Ebay,, etc… I’ve also seen Adafruit made a Qi Wireless Receiver module for Arduino with a 2.54mm pitch connector.

Qi_Wireless_Charger_ReceiverThey come in various sizes and shapes, but they’re all extra thin (1 mm), with a micro USB connector oriented upwards or downwards depending on your mode, and a thin cable, that allows you to place it inside your phone between the battery and the phone cover as shown in the picture below. It’s not always possible however, as for example the receiver would cover my phone’s rear camera lens, but you could always attach it to a protective cover, or a car phone holder.


Once the installation is complete, you are ready to charge your phone with a wireless charger.

Specifications ARE different between modules, but typically look like:

  • Dimensions – 62 x 45 x 1.1mm
  • Net weight – 2.5g
  • Input Power – 3.5W
  • Output – DC5V/650mA (Average)
  • Charging current – DC5V/500mA (Average)
  • Working life – 4000 charges


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7 Replies to “Add Wireless Charging to (Almost) Any Smartphone or Tablet”

  1. At that price it would be good if they could build this directly into replaceable batteries, e.g. Nokia BL5C.

  2. It’s gonna take a while to charge a phone at 500ma. My old galaxy ace 2 had a 700ma charger. My galaxy s4 has a 2amp charger.

  3. @Harley
    They already have models for iPad/iPhone.

    @The Cageybee
    My phone battery (1,850 mAh) take about two hours to charge @ 1A, so if they can deliver on the promised 500 mA, it would take 4 hours. So I guess this solution is not really practical for many tablets which typically come with larger batteries.

  4. The charge transmitters pads got a lot cheaper recently too. I have a no-brand android phone with a broken micro USB socket – can’t get it fixed here. PIA swapping the battery.

    I think some of these charge receivers fit directly onto the battery contacts. Does anyone know how to figure out which ones might be compatible?

  5. Sadly it looks like some phones have special electrodes for these charging pads & otherwise you need to use the micro USB as in CNX’s article. I couldn’t find any charging pads with electroded designed to slip between the contacts of the battery and the phone. Would that actually work anyway, or does the phone need some extra electronics to cope with a charging current?

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