ARM Unveils Embedded Systems Education Kit Based on NXP LPC4088 Cortex M4 MCU

Following up on their first “Lab-In-a-Box” initiative based on Micro STM32F4-Discovery board and Wolfson audio card, ARM launched another low-cost toolkit, based on Embedded Artists LPC4088 QuickStart and Experiment boards, and called “Embedded Systems Education Kit”, to help university educators teach embedded systems design and programming concepts.

LPC4088 QuickStart Board

The kit includes the following hardware, software tools, and teaching materials:

  • Embedded Artists LPC4088 QuickStart Board and LPC4088 Experiment Base Board
  • ARM Keil MDK-ARM Pro microcontroller development suite software licences
  • Complete teaching materials including lecture note slides, demonstration code and hands-on lab manuals with solutions in source for four embedded system courses:
    • ‘Efficient embedded systems design and programming’ teaches microcontroller fundamentals using NXP’s 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 based LPC4088 microcontroller.
    • ‘Rapid embedded system design and programming’ delivers embedded systems design training for the high-level ARM mbed API
    • ‘OS design’ uses the royalty-free ARM Keil RTX RTOS to show how to design, program and optimize RTOS-based applications
    • ‘DSP’ teaches students about digital signal processing techniques and practice, especially for audio applications, using ARM Cortex-M4 based platforms.
LPC4088 Experiment Base Board

The education kit is available now for less than 20 Euros per student/per course, with all teaching materials provided free of charge to universities worldwide. Details can be found on ARM University Program website.

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Very interesting post. I’ve been wanting to get into ARM chips meself and this looks like a good way to do just that. You said in the post that the kit was available for 20Euro..where can I buy it? The ARM university site doesn’t seem to give me any pointers…


@M. There are some embedded artists links in th efirst bullet, but both boards are Eur49, so I think Eur20 might be a price for educational establishments(?).


Thanks for the clarification guys. Will definitely check out the one on Youtube