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Android 5.0 Binary and Source Code Release for Minnowboard MAX

Yet another development board gets a Lollipop update with Minnowboard MAX powered by Intel Atom E3815 or E3825 Bay Trail-I processor. Intel’s android-5.0.1_r1-ia0 release uses a 64 bit kernel and a 32 bit userspace, and supports all on-board peripherals such as Ethernet, HDMI (digital Audio + Video), USB host, SATA, I2C+SPI, GPIO, PWM and UART.

New features and improvements features for this release include:

The image is intended for developers interested in working with Android 5.0 on MinnowBoard MAX, but it does not have all the components to meet Android Compatibility requirements. If you own the board, you can download the installer, and follow the Android 5.0 bring-up guide.

Source code is available on android-ia github account using release/android-5.0.1_r1-ia0 branch. Instructions to setup a build machine, and build the code can be found on the Quick Start Videos section of website.

Thanks to Nanik for the tip.

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