Bluetooth 5 Promises Four times the Range, Twice the Speed of Bluetooth 4.0 LE Transmissions

The Bluetooth SIG is about to officially unveil Bluetooth 5 on June 16 during a media event in London. One change on the marketing side is that they dropped the point number, so it won’t be called Bluetooth 5.0 like in Bluetooth 4.0, but just Bluetooth 5. The decision has been made allegedly to “simplifying marketing, and communicating user benefits more effectively”.

Bluetooth_5On the technical side, Bluetooth 5 will double the speed and quadruple the range of low energy Bluetooth transmissions compared to Bluetooth 4.x, which could be important for IoT applications where nodes are connected throughout the house.

Bluetooth 5 will also allow connectionless services to add location-relevant information and navigation. The specifications have not been publicly released yet, and made they will be on June 16. Eventually, you’ll be able to download them on Bluetooth “adopted specifications” page.

Via XDA developers

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So in other words, we’re back at Bluetooth 2.0/2.1 speeds then… What a technological breakthrough…


Are there already any USB transciever dongles or PCIe adapters as of yet that supports Bluetooth 5.0?

Need to get a Bluetooth 4.x LE for my home automation computer anyway, would be nice to get 5.0


Seeing as the big announcement is in five days, I would say “no”.