November 11 Singles’ Day Promotions in Chinese Online Stores

November 11 is Single’s day in China, and just like Valentine’s day, it is used for commercial purpose to make people buy stuffs. It’s also Black Friday before Black Friday, as Chinese online stores will also offer discounts to their customers, and this remains true for stores catering to oversea customers, so you may find a few interesting deals from 11.11 day festivities around the web. I’ve gathered a few of the offers from the most popular Chinese sites catering to overseas markets.


GeekBuying has an “11.11 Carnival” that actually started on November 1st, and ending on November 12th. They have promotions changing every day, as well as some coupons such as DB1111 $15 coupon if you spent over $215.

Aliexpress calls it “11.11 Global Shopping Festival” instead. You can buy coupons for half price, and check out for products with the red SALE icon on the left of the price as shown in the screenshot below. Just don’t believe the 50% discount, and you’re likely to have just a few dollars off.


So if it’s not November 11th yet on such device, you’ll see an inflated price, but if you wait until Singles’ Day you’ll get the price shown in red.

Next up is GearBest’s “11.11 Sales Storm” which will last until November 14th, and offers flash sales for various items. Again don’t expect for miracles, unless maybe you are lucky. For example, Beelink GT1 is $55, about $1 or $2 cheaper than usual.


I could not find any specific 11.11 promotion on DealExtreme, but Banggood Singles Day event has some snap up sales, e.g. T95Z Plus for $11.11, which will be close to impossible to get since those are obviously stock limited, as well as some coupons for various caterogies, and for instance you can get an 8% discount using ele1111 for electronics category.

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Yohanes Nugroho

Use the Aliexpress Shopping Assistant plugin on Chrome, it can show you pricing history for (most) popular items.

Someone from the other side
Someone from the other side

Aliexpress has good discounts on stuff like chargers and cables, looking at aukey and tronsmart chargers for almost 40% so stocking up on usb c gear…


well EU DX has some deals, or so they say:


limited offers (bait) aside, it’s mostly bullshit, the prices went up all week long and the best (real) deals you’ll get will be 5%-10% off, which are available almost all year long. dx gearbest banggood are no exception..

It’s most probable that you’ll get overall lower prices next week.

For US buyers (and other available countries, not EU) i would recommend using taobao directly now that they offer credit card & international shipping and you don’t need to use third party ordering/shipping agents.