EveLab 1.0 is an Advanced Breadboard Solution Designed for the Raspberry Pi

While it’s perfectly feasible to connect the Raspberry Pi board to a breadboard it can become relatively messy if your projects needs many I/Os due the wire and extra components like resistors, so “Robot In A Can” designed a circuit trainer for the University of Guelph students to wire projects with the Raspberry Pi’s (26-pin) header in a neater way, and made it durable to to endure years of use in a lab setting.

The developer has now started selling the hardware, and called it EveLab 1.0.

Evelabs 1.0 specifications:

  • 2x 32×4 breadboards with markings for GPIO pins
  • 1x “standard” breadboard
  • 3x LEDs (pre-grounded)
  • 3x Momentary Switch (pre-grounded)
  • 2x Potentiometers (pre-grounded)
  • 1x RGB LED (pre-grounded)
  • 1x Analog to digital converter (2-inputs pre wired)
  • 1x Light Sensor
  • 1x Temperature Sensor
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The board also comes with 2 GPIO ribbon cables to connect to various Pi models, and 20 Jumper cables. The target board does not even need to be a Raspberry Pi, as any board with a RPi compatible header can be connected to EveLab 1.0.

You’ll find this “advanced breadboard” for Raspberry Pi on Tindie for $49.99 plus shipping.

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2 years ago

It’s very cute !