Raspberry Pi Zero (W) Shield for Arduino is an Arduino UNO Baseboard for RPI Zero Board

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There are already various Arduino compatible shields for Raspberry Pi  where the add-on board connect to a Raspberry Pi 3 board to provide  Arduino headers, but Raspberry Pi Zero (W) Shield for Arduino is a little different as it acts as a baseboard with Arduino header for Raspberry Pi Zero (W)

Raspberry Pi Zero W Arduino Shield with Raspberry Pi Zero W
Raspberry Pi Zero W Arduino Shield with Raspberry Pi Zero W, and extra Shield – Click to Enlarge

RPI Zero (W) shield specifications:

  • Reset switch for the micro-controller
  • LED – Shield power LED,  LED connected to Arduino pin 13,  LED connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 13
  • Expansion
    • Female headers allowing for full-access to all Arduino pins.
    • ICSP header access for AVR Micro-controllers
  • Misc
    • 3mm mounting holes for securely mounting Raspberry Pi Zero (W) to shield (mounting hardware included)
    • Solder-jumpers to disconnect Micro-controller SDA/SCL pins from pull-up resistors
    • Solder-jumper to disconnect Raspberry Pi GPIO13 from LED
  • Power Supply – 6.5 to 12V power supply (6.5 to 9V recommended) via  2.1mm power barrel jack, or 5V via micro USB port up to 2.5A
  • Dimensions –  Arduino UNO R3 form factor
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Example sketches and Python scripts for Serial/SPI/I2C/Logic-level communications, as well as corresponding instructions,  can be found in Github.

The shields comes with a fully assembled Raspberry Pi Shield, a 5V/2.5A AC/DC power supply (US Plug), three brass standoffs with screws for mounting Raspberry Pi, and a three 4″ male-to-female jumper wires.  Raspberry Pi Zero (W) Shield for Arduino is sold for $25 plus shipping on Tindie. However, you can add an optional kit with a 16GB MicroSD Card, Mini HDMI Adapter, 6″ OTG cable, regular (short) and extended 40-pin header for $25, a 5MP camera with cable for $10.50, and/or a 5-piece Arduino header extension kit for $2.

Via Electronics Weekly

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