Coocox CoIDE and GCC Arm Embedded Toolchain Download Links

I’ve been playing with RAK811 LoRa GPS tracker last week-end and earlier this week, and Rak Wireless provides open source firmware for the board that can be work on with Arm Keil or Coocox CoIDE tools. The former requires registration, and the latter is freeware and appears to be preferred by Rakwireless guys.

The only problem is that CooCox website have been down for several days, so I could not download the IDE from the official website. So instead I downloaded it from Softpedia together with a GCC toolchain. Sadly the version in Softpedia and the toolchain are outdated, so the firmware won’t build.

CooCox CoIDE v1.7.8
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I had installed CooCox CoIDE v 1.7.8 with GNU Tools ARM Embedded 4.7 2013q. Rakwireless engineers informed me they used CoIDE v 2.0.6 with gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3-20160926-win32. I could not find it online, so they added both to their RAK811 documentation. You’ll find the two files under Tools: CoIDE-V2Beta-20170117.exe and gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3-20160926-win32.exe.

But again, it took me a few hours to download CoIDE since Rak server is based in China. Once the toolchain and IDE are installed, we can setup the toolchain path in Project->Select Toolchain Path.

CoIDE Select Toolchain Path GNU GCCNow let’s try to see if we can build the project with the updated CooCox CoIDE and GNU GCC toolchain.

CooCox CoIDE v2.6

Success! There’s also a mirror with both CooCox CoIDE v2.6 and gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3-20160926-win32.exe on which should allow for faster downloads in most place.

That’s all good for CooCox CoIDE since AFAIK a recent version is not available anywhere else, but for the GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain, it might be even better to download it directly from Arm.  The latest version is gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2018-q2. So I installed it, updated the toolchain in CoIDE, and I could still build the project.

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4 Replies to “Coocox CoIDE and GCC Arm Embedded Toolchain Download Links”

  1. If you want it, I have the latest beta version of CoIDE (CoIDE-V2Beta-20170510.exe), I can upload it to some place.

    But I have to say that CoIDE is outdated and abandoned, nobody should be using it especially for anything new. The alternative for STM32 controllers is the now free “TrueStudio for STM32”, another alternative is “OpenSTM32”. They both come with integrated GCC toolchains.

    TrueStudio for STM32 –
    OpenSTM32 –

    Direct download directories:
    TrueStudio for STM32 –
    OpenSTM32 –

  2. Hello Jean-Luc,

    I recently downloaded a version of CooCox CoIDE v1.7.8 , but when scanned it with Windows Defender (on Windows 10 Pro x64) , the antivirus detected that there is a threat within:

    Have you experienced the same problems? Also, is it possible to share also your version of CoIDE v.1.7.8 (in the same share), that I would guess would be clean?


      1. Hi Jean-Luc,

        Understood, I actually found and downloaded several versions of the (previous) 1.x.x version of the CoIDE and scanned those. It seems that they all have this ‘malware’ issue. The version 2.x.x seems not to trigger Windows Defender 🙂

        At least, thank you for looking into here to help 🙂

        – Monk

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