Want Long WiFi Range? This $10 Directional Antenna Should Help

A typical WiFi router range is limited to around 50 meters, and even less in a building with walls and competing WiFi routers. But it’s also possible to use WiFi for longer range communication, and for example, CNLohr managed to get an ESP8266 module answering ping requests over 4km away with a powerful antenna that is supposed to allow for up to 20km range and costs around $80 (NB-2G18 model).

But if you’re budget is more limited, Banggood has started to sell a “10dB directional antenna” for $9.84 shipped. It is said to be for TTGO ESP32 board, but I don’t see why if would not work with other WIFI boards with a u.FL or SMA connector.

Board not included

Specifications listed for the antenna:

  • Frequency – 2400~2500MHz
  • S.W.R.: <=1.5
  • Antenna Gain – 10dbi
  • Radiation – Directional antenna
  • Polarization – Linear
  • Impedance – 50 Ohm
  • Wire distance – 1m
  • Connector: IPEX

The main cable features an SMA connector, but if the photos are to be believed a shorter SMA to u.FL cable is also provided, so it should work out of the box with most WiFi boards supporting external antennas. It’s also designed to be wall-mounted. It should be interesting to find out what type of range people playing with this antenna can get.

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4 Replies to “Want Long WiFi Range? This $10 Directional Antenna Should Help”

  1. It should be interesting to find out what type of range CNX SOFT playing with this antenna can get….

  2. Antenna design is a science and has nothing magic, this toy shoud have zero dBi gain or something like.

  3. I built a 2 foot yagi antenna, back when 2.4GHz was all the rage. I used it to connect to hotspots in cafes and restaurants…got free wifi at home for years. Even downtown in a city I was able to connect to hotspots as much as 15 blocks away and as much as 8 storeys up.

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