MUSTOOL MT8206 Multimeter & Oscilloscope Goes for $42 (Promo)

MUSTOOL MT8206 looks like a standard digital multimeter, but the device is actually a 2-in-1 device that also serves as a oscilloscope.

Banggood have the digital multimeter scope on sale now for $47.99 shipped – going down to $42.23 with 12MT8206 coupon – as part of their  12th anniversary promotion running until September 7th.



MUSTOOL MT8206 specifications:

  • Sampling – 200 ksps (max), 3999 counts
  • Bandwidth – 20 kHz
  • Screen – 128×64 dot matrix LCD display
  • Function Ranges
    • DC voltage – 400mV, 4V/40V/400V/1000V
    • AC voltage – 400mV/4V/40V/400V/750V
    • DC & AC current – 40mA/400mA, 4A/10A
    • Resistance – 400.0 Ohm to 40.00 MOhm
    • Capacitance – 0.1μF-100μF/10mF
    • Frequency – 5Hz to 5MHz
  • Measuring Range – Manual/auto range
  • Storage Capacity – 100 data sets, 10 wave forms
  • Input Resistance – 10MΩ
  • Misc – Auto power off function, relative value,
  • Power Supply – 3x AA batteries
  • Dimensions – 160 x 83 x 32 mm
  • Weight – 190 grams

2- in-1 Multimeter OscilloscopeSwitching between multimeter and waveform display is simply done by pressing the DIS button.

The unit ships with a bag, a pair of probes, and a user’s manual. Note the oscilloscope mode will be limited with a 5 MHz max frequency, and a 20 kHz bandwidth.

The product is fairly new, so I could not find any independent reviews just yet. However, several people from EEVLOG have already purchased MT8206 DMM scope, and at least one plans to review it.  Sadly, if you want to benefit from the anniversary price, you would not be able to wait for a review since this price will only be valid until September 7th.

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