Steam Link Beta now Available for Raspberry Pi 3 / 3B+

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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation for purchasing and playing video games that was first launched in 2003 for Windows computer only.

Since then Mac OS (2010), Linux / Ubuntu, as well as mobile devices running Android & iOS (2012) have been supported in Steam. Mobile could only be used to browse the storefront, manage games, and access the community.

However more recently, the company released Steam Link app that allows players to stream games to their mobile devices, while being rendering on more powerful machines.  The good news is that Steam Link (beta) has now been released for Raspberry Pi 3 / 3B + boards.

Raspberry Pi 3 Steam Link

All you need is either board running Raspbian Stretch, and install Steam Link as follows:

Once the app is installed launch it in the command line with steamlink, or launch it from the Games menu in the desktop environment.

Steam Link support has already been added to RetroPie, and ETA PRIME took it for a spin in the video below.

Thanks to Harley for the tip.

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Ray Knight
Ray Knight

Is there anything that would prevent this from running on other armhf systems running Debian?


Maybe closed source GPU drivers?


You work for RPi Trading Ltd. so you’re in the know (we all know that the majority of platform specific code for the RPi is closed source — a RTOS called ThreadX neither you nor Broadcom is allowed to share, none of us usual people can have a look into but you or your employer can answer)

Care to elaborate how GPU performance (3D rendering) should affect this use case? As far as I understood “STEAM Link” renders the game contents on real hardware and transmits a video stream to toys like Raspberry Pi?

So if I understood correctly it’s all about low latency video playing here, right? And as far as I understood none of this stuff happens in the open source domain on any RPi since we have to deal with your proprietary crap show called VideoCore here?

Just remembered situation with KODI:

● No V4L2 Support
● Mainline mesa (not used)
● Proprietary bootloader
● Proprietary decoding

That’s an impressive list of not giving a shit about anything open source or what’s happening upstream. I would really love to get the following two questions finally answered:

1) How does a mythical open source driver for the RPi matters that is used literally nowhere?

2) How does video decoding work with open source drivers now and in 5 years (hint: I’m perfectly fine with ‘Not at all’ two times)

Best regards, maybe you consult your manager first?


Look, someone explains the hardware requirements (partially wrong as usual in the RPi domain where ignorance meets stupidity):

It’s a boring h.264 video stream almost every ARM SoC today can decode. Even such lousy designs like VideoCore IV back from 2010 can do! Isn’t that great?


Moop moop I’m a poop


Steam link beta is available on google play and has been for months. So TV box, tablet or phone, who needs a RPI!