Nubix Edge-native Tiny Containers for IoT Apps Released For Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone SBCs

Nubix has just launched the developer edition of its edge-native tiny containers for IoT application development and analytics that target microcontrollers and single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi 3/4 and BeagleBone Black.

Typical cloud solutions such as Docker are often too large with tiny IoT devices, and to solve these issues, Nubix tiny containers are sized in kilobytes, instead of megabytes, or about 100 times smaller than a Docker container, in order to be small enough to run at the edge.

Tiny Container Architecture provides access to a library of sensors, analytics and tiny services that leverage open source languages and pre-packaged functions to easily create IoT applications in a few minutes.

Analytics is commonly done in the cloud, which may cause issues in environments with limited or intermittent connectivity, so to solve this issue, Nubix provides analytics functionality directly on the IoT device, eliminating the latency, bandwidth, connectivity and cost constraints of moving data from a large number of connected sensors/nodes.

The Developer Edition of specifically features:

  • Application Development Platform – Pre-packaged, drag-and-drop components and functions
  • Prepackaged sensor support – Developers can start working on their app and analytics immediately with having to work on low-level hardware drivers or firmware. The solution support basic GPIO & timers control, as well as various sensors including:
    • BME280 environmental sensor (temperature, humidity & pressure)
    • SGP30 air quality sensor
    • ADXL345 3-axis accelerometer
    • ADS1015 4-channel ADC chip
  • Simplified high-level programming with no C/C++ programming knowledge required
  • Container-Based Deployment Over the Air (OTA) with Hardware Abstraction.  Develop-once, deploy-anywhere capability for IoT applications.
  • Supported Boards – Raspberry Pi 3B and later, BeagleBone Black
  • Tiny Services for Edge-Native Applications
    • Tiny Analytics – Cumulative Moving Average, Simple Moving Average, Exponential-Weighted Moving Average
    • Tiny Data Services – Store and Forward via a Durable Ring Buffer, Coalesce, Downsample, Spark contexts via Stuart,’s Lua-based Apache Spark runtime for embedding and edge computing
    • Tiny Scripts – Hundreds of open-source functions, custom application logic using Lua full-featured, open-source language

As pictured above, the solution relies on a Nubix Orchestration Hub drag-an-drop interface to define “Pipelines” and “Containers” , and generate Lua code that looks like: Developers Edition is free of charge for up to 5 API keys,  and you can register for a free account if interested in getting started. The company is also working on a paid Professional Edition for the solution that will support more platforms and features. Visit the company website or/and read the announcement’s blog post for more details.

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