How I Quadrupled Internet Speed in a Resort Room… with a Rope

I just temporarily moved into a room, or more exactly a small bungalow, and with my line of work I kind of need decent internet. I was told they had “WiFi”, and when I tried it out, I could log in fine, but the speed was pretty dismissal. I repeated the test close to the router and it achieved speeds I could easily live with.

Internet Speed Resort Hotel
In Room (left) vs Close to router (right) Click to Enlarge

I happened to have a repeater with me, but it did not help as the only place I could plug was just outside my room, right under a roof, and performance was even worse (around 1 Mbps).

So I had a closer look at the router installation, about 10 meters from my room, and realized it was basically stuck under a roof, which should block signals somewhat, but I’m just not sure how much… So I moved the router down, letting it hang by its power cord for testing…

router line of sight

That means there was basically line-of-sight except for the bungalow walls and door, plus some tree along the way, and it made a massive difference as I more than quadrupled the internet speed… just like that…

3BB internet speed

So you may ask, where is the rope in the story, man? Well, I could not just leave the router hanging like that… So I tried to find somebody around, and doing so I found a rope on the floor, asked if I could use it to attach the router to the pole, so here we go…

Quadruple internet speed
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I met the owner since then, and he’s afraid the router may get wet due to the rain. So I’ll probably weatherproof it with a thin plastic bag, or something else…

The moral of the story is where you place your router can be critical, and in this moving the router down by around 20 centimeters to allow line-of-sight, and move it away from the metal bars, allowed me to quadruple the Internet speed in my room.

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