52Pi P02 PCIe expansion board for Raspberry Pi 5 features a PCIe x1 slot

The 52Pi P02 is an expansion board for the Raspberry Pi 5 that converts the Pi’s PCIe into a PCIe x1 slot. The board gets connected to the bottom of the Pi and taps into the Pi’s power with the help of onboard pogo pins. It supports PCIe Gen2/Gen3 speeds and features a JST connector for external power input.

While writing about the 52Pi NVdigi Expansion Board, I found the P02 PCIe expansion board for Raspberry Pi 5 interesting. It features a PCIe x1 slot, allowing you to install various off-the-shelf accessories like network cards, USB expansions, and more. You can even use a PCIe riser to connect a GPU with standard PC products. This isn’t the only 52Pi product we’ve covered; we’ve also looked at the 52Pi water cooling kit and the 52Pi CM4 Router Board. Feel free to check those out if you’re interested in the topic.

P02 PCIe Slot For Raspberry Pi 5

52Pi P02 PCIe Expansion Board Specification:

  • Compatibility – Made for Raspberry Pi 5.
  • Open slot design – Works with PCIe cards (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16).
  • PCIe x1 support – Compatible with Gen2 and Gen3 PCIe x1 interfaces.
  • Integrated Power Supply – 12V power supply supporting up to 1A, plus an external 12V input.
  • PCIe Ultra-short Signal Lines – Uses short paths for PCIe for stable and fast communication, meeting PCIe 3.0 standard requirements.
  • Power Outputs – +12V/1A and +3.3V/3A to the PCIe x1 slot.
  • Dimensions – 85x80mm.

 52Pi P02 PCIe Slot for RPI5 Frontal Face

The company says this board is good for anyone wanting to get more out of their Raspberry Pi. In simple terms, if you’re looking to add a large GPU, fast 10GbE networking, or turn your Pi into a home server, this little board will be very helpful. The company also provides a wiki page with further hardware details and instructions on how to enable PCIe x1 on the Pi, the company also provides assembly instructions on the same page.

 52Pi P02 PCIe Slot for RPI5 Install Instruction

Inside the box, you’ll find one P02 PCIe slot specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 5, one custom PCIe FFC cable for connections, four M2.5 x 6mm coupler pillars for mounting, eight M2.5 x 4mm flat head screws for assembly, M2.5 screwdriver for installation. This kit provides everything needed to set up and start using the expansion board with your Raspberry Pi 5.

The 52Pi P02 PCIe expansion board is priced at $24.99 and it’s available for pre-sale on the 52Pi online store.

52Pi P02 PCIe Expansion Board with Network Card

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8 Replies to “52Pi P02 PCIe expansion board for Raspberry Pi 5 features a PCIe x1 slot”

  1. pogo pins for power? What could possibly go wrong? Until the RPF adds a proper power connector for peripherials, we’re going to keep seeing crazy stuff like this pop up and all the silly problems they’re going to bring along.

    Thanks for finding this, Mr. Das.

    1. > pogo pins for power?

      Quoting them: ‘+12V/1A, +3.3V/3A’. Most probably my math is wrong but that would be 22W and close to 4.5A over the pogo pins?

      But there is this huge ‘PCIe +12V select’ switch most probably everyone will set to ‘external’ anyway…

      1. Not to be too picky, but this would actually be ‘welded’, not ‘soldered’. I know, it’s rare that they get mixed up in this direction what will all the ‘welding’ stuff on CN markets that’s actually soldering….

          1. That’s interesting. Do you know if there is any industry specific terms to distinguish soldering (and/or brazing) from welding? The technical difference is that soldering adds a third metal between the two base metals where welding is melting the two base materials (and maybe the addition of a third to fill gaps)

          2. It’s possible that there is, but I don’t know. Sometimes we speak about fusing, maybe that’s what’s used for welding. But yeah I’m well aware of the difference, it’s just that one of them is so close to my term that it’s the first one that comes to my mind.

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