$180 Zeal 8-bit Computer Complete Edition is an all-in-one retrocomputing platform based on the Zilog Z80 microprocessor

Zeal 8 bit Computer Complete Edition

The Zeal 8-bit Computer Complete Edition is a system that aims to bring retrocomputing to the modern age with the aid of a motherboard built around the Zilog Z80 microprocessor and several peripherals. The Zeal 8-bit Computer project began in early 2021 and has been released in bits and pieces since then. Now, a finalized version tagged the “Complete Edition” is ready for release to the public. It promises a modern retrocomputing experience with the simplicity of retro computers and support for relatively recent features such as VGA graphics, TF cards, and NOR flash. The Zeal 8-bit Computer Complete Edition includes the following components: the Zeal 8-bit Computer motherboard, the Zeal 8-bit Video Board, and a 3D-printed enclosure with a touch sensor for turning the board on/off. The Zeal 8-bit Video Board is based on a Lattice ECP5 FPGA and can output up to 65,536 colors via VGA. It also […]

The ESP32 Marauder Pocket Unit v2 is a wireless penetration device with an onboard GPS module and touchscreen

Marauder Unit with Case showing ports

The ESP32 Marauder Pocket Unit with GPS v2 is a portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth penetration tool powered by an ESP32 module and used to test and analyze wireless networks. It features a 2.8-inch touchscreen, two 18650 batteries, an SD card slot, an LED battery indicator, and two external antennas for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and GPS. ESP32 Marauder Pocket Unit v2 specifications: Microcontroller – ESP32 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth SoC Storage – MicroSD card slot for file sharing, backup, and firmware updates (8GB SanDisk memory card included) Display – 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen USB – USB-C port for charging GNSS – Embedded GPS module Antenna – External dual antenna SMA connectors for WIFI and GPS Misc 1x battery status indicator Reset and Power buttons Power – 2x 18650 batteries Dimensions – 92 x 71 x 46mm The ESP32 Marauder device is based on JustCallMeKoko’s ESP32Marauder Project, a suite of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth offensive and defensive tools […]

SkyByte Mini Wi-Fi-controlled drone runs the open-source ESP32-Drone firmware (Crowdfunding)

SKyByte Mini drone fully assembled

The SkyByte Mini is a simple, miniature drone powered by the ESP32-WROOM-32 WiFi and Bluetooth module, and comprised of an MPU6050 inertial measurement unit, coreless motors, and plastic propellers. The Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32 module on the board provides a wireless connection that can be used to control the drone from a mobile app. The printed circuit board uses an “all-in-one” design that removes the need for 3D-printed parts and makes for a more compact final product. The drone’s functionality can be extended with external sensors to suit desired applications. It can be used for hobbyist and educational purposes. SkyByte Mini drone specifications: Wireless Module – ESP32-WROOM-32 module, dual-core Tensilica processor, with integrated Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2 LE Motor control – 4x SI2302 N-Channel 20V MOSFET USB – USB-C port for power and programming Sensor – TDK Invensense MPU6050 IMU 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer Misc- 3x debugging LEDs, 1x power LED, […]

MyoWare 2.0 Muscle Sensor Wireless Kit targets electromyography (EMG) applications

MyoWare 2.0 Muscle Sensor with ESP32 Arduino board

The MyoWare 2.0 Muscle Sensor Wireless Kit is an Arduino-compatible electromyography (EMG) sensor kit capable of detecting and measuring the electrical signals generated by muscle fibers in the body. The MyoWare 2.0 kit is a collaborative product by SparkFun and Advancer Technologies. The MyoWare 2.0 ecosystem brings several improvements over the previous generation, including a compact design, solderless snap connectors, and an upgraded chipset for improved reliability and performance. It includes shields designed to seamlessly interface with the MyoWare 2.0 Muscle sensor, a wearable, Arduino-compatible EMG sensor. The Muscle Sensor’s wearable design makes it possible to directly attach biomedical sensor pads and add-on shields to the board. It operates on a single-supply voltage between +3.3V to +5V and supports three separate output modes. It analyzes filtered and rectified activity from muscle movement and outputs a signal from 0 to the power source voltage (VIN) that represents the intensity of flex. […]

Zigbee Coordinator CC2652P7 1.0 runs open-source firmware, works with Zigbee2MQTT, Home Assistant, and ioBroker

codm zigbee coordinator

The cod.m Zigbee Coordinator 1.0 (CZC 1.0) is a hybrid ZigBee coordinator that can be used to connect devices over a network (Ethernet/Wi-Fi) and USB. The ZigBee Coordinator version 1.0 is an upgrade of version 0.2 released in 2022. The CZC 1.0 replaces the Texas Instruments CC2652P2 chip with the much more powerful CC2652P7 chip, uses an ESP32-WROOM-32E module instead of the USR-K6 chip, and adds compatibility with Home Assistant (ZHA integration). It can create a Zigbee network and pair Zigbee devices over Ethernet, WiFi, or Serial (USB). It features the same Texas Instruments CC2652P7 chip as the SMLIGHT line of Zigbee Ethernet/WiFi/USB coordinators and USB dongles. There are two models of the CZC 1.0: a Power over Ethernet model and a model that can only be powered via USB-C. cod.m Zigbee Coordinator specifications: Zigbee SoC – Texas Instruments CC2652P7 Arm Cortex-M4F microcontroller @ 48 MHz with 704 KB flash, […]

Maker Go ESP32-C6-EVB quad-relay board supports Wi-Fi 6, BLE 5, Zigbee for smart home applications

Makergo ESP32-C6-EVB board

The Maker Go ESP32-C6-EVB is an open-source development board built upon the ESP32-C6 module. It integrates four relays and four opto-isolated inputs and supports multiple wireless technologies including Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, and Thread/Zigbee. The Espressif ESP32-C6 on the development board is a single, RISC-V system-on-chip with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5 (LE), and Thread/Zigbee (802.15.4). It is integrated into the ESP32-C6-WROOM-1-N4 module with an onboard PCB antenna, 4MB of SPI flash, and 23 GPIOs. We have seen a fair amount of ESP32-C6 boards recently, including the SparkFun Thing Plus, WeAct ESP32-C6-Mini, ESP32-C6-Pico, and the ePulse Feather C6. Maker Go ESP32-C6-EVB specifications: Wireless module – ESP32-C6-WROOM-1-N4 module with Espressif Systems ESP32-C6 single core 32-bit RISC-V processor @ 160 MHz with 2.4 GHz WiFi 6 1T1R with Target Wake Time (TWT) support, Bluetooth LE 5.0, and 802.15.4 radio for Zigbee, Thread, Matter, 2.4GHz proprietary Storage – 4MB SPI […]

The Pico Display Base Board offers a simpler way to create Raspberry Pi Pico LCD projects

Pico Display Base Board

The Pico Display Base Board is a printed circuit board from Applying Microcontroller Solutions that provides a platform for building Raspberry Pi Pico-based display projects. It works with a Raspberry Pi Pico board and an LCD screen based on the Solomon Systech SSD1963 display controller. The Pico Display Base Board features a 40-pin header (Display Port) which connects to GPIO on the Pico to provide an 8-bit parallel interface for the display and SPI pins for the touchscreen and integrated SD card. It supports various display sizes from 4.3 inches up to 7 inches. Displays up to five inches can be powered directly by the Pico. A jumper block on the board can be used to pass power to the LCD and wire the display’s optional flash chip to the Pico. A USB-C port on the board can provide an alternative power source for larger displays. It also has male […]

ESP32-S3-based kit allows you to build an Internet Radio with a touchscreen display

ESP32 Internet Radio

The ESP32 Internet Radio from Poland-based maker, The MicroMaker, is a simple hardware kit that combines the LilyGo T-Display S3 Development board with an I2S audio breakout module and other components to form a radio that can access and stream from online radio stations. With the ESP32 Internet Radio, you are not limited to the radio stations available in your immediate vicinity. It is powered by the LilyGo T-Display S3 which integrates the network-capable ESP32-S3 microcontroller (Wi-Fi + BLE 5), a 1.9” full-color capacitive touchscreen display, and two programmable buttons. The ESP32-S3’s integrated Wi-Fi capability allows the radio to connect to the Internet, and the touchscreen brings an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to the device. It supports up to 512 stored radio stations, and you can manage these stations from a web browser on your PC or mobile phone. The Internet Radio can be powered by an 18650 Lithium-ion battery […]

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