Development Kits

“What board can I use for xxx development?” is one of the most common questions I can see on forums or groups. So I’ve decided to list what I consider the best embedded Linux / Android development boards, micro-controllers development kits and hackable gadgets.

I also provide a list of hardware I own to satisfy the curiosity of some, and possibly for others who are interested in collaborating in some ways.

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Shawn Cary
7 years ago

Looking for Windows based (preferably) IDE that is capable of me bringing up i.MX6D board I have developed based upon Sabre Lite and Nitrogen6x from Boundary Devices. Though I have much experience with writing embedded code, I have no experience with Linux or Embedded Linux and am finding it difficult just to navigate. Would I be able to use your IDE to download and develop, based upon Embedded Linux or Android BSP to bring up a board? Can one download a Evaluation to try on Development board? Thanks

6 years ago

dont know how old this is but look ok