MYIR Tech Latest SoM and Development Board Feature Xilinx Zynq-7015 ARM + FPGA SoC with 4 High Speed Transceivers

MYIR Tech launched the low cost Z-Turn board powered by Xilinx Zynq-7010/7020 ARM+FPGA SoC last year, and the company has now introduced a new system-on-module powered by Xilinx Zynq-7015 SoC as well as a corresponding development kit. MYC-C7Z015 CPU Module specifications: SoC – Xilinx XC7Z015-1CLG485C (Zynq-7015) dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processor @ 667 MHz (up to 866MHz) with Artix-7 class FPGA subsystem with 74K logic cells, 46,200 LUTs, 160 DSP slices, 4x high-speed SerDes transceivers up to 6.25 Gbps, 4x four PCIe Gen2 hardened, integrated IP blocks System Memory – 1GB DDR3 SDRAM Storage – 4GB eMMC flash, 32MB QSPI Flash (16MB optional) Connectivity – 1x Ethernet PHY, 1x USB PHY I/Os and peripherals via 2x 140-pin board-to-board connectors: 1x Gigabit Ethernet 1x USB OTG 2.0 Up to 2x serial ports, up to 2x I2C, up to 2x CAN BUS, 1x SPI 1x independent differential ADC, 16-channel ADC 1x SDIO […]

MYiR Tech Introduces Atmel SAMA5D4 CPU Module and Development Board

MYiR Tech has launched a new development board – MYD-JA5D4X – featuring their Atmel SAMA5D4 Cortex A5 system-on-module called MYC-JAD5D4X with 512MB DDR2, 512MB Flash, and various ports such as Fast Ethernet, RS485, LCD panel interface, USB connectors and so on. Target applications include control panel/HMI, fitness equipment, smart grid infrastructure, communications gateways, and imaging terminals among others. Let’s start wit the MYC-JAD5D4X CPU module specifications: SoC – Atmel SAMA5D42 or SAMA5D44 ARM Cortex-A5 processor @ up to 600MHz (945DMIPS) with NEON and FPU, 720p hardware video decoder (SAMA5D44 only) System Memory–  512MB (2x 256MB) DDR2 SDRAM Storage – 512MB NAND Flash, 4MB Data Flash, 64KB EEPROM Connectivity – On-board Ethernet PHY I/Os via 200-pin SO-DIMM edge connector 2 x Ethernet 3 x USB2.0 Host 8 x Serial ports 4 x TWI,  3 x SPI 5 x 12-bit ADC 1 x SMD 4 x 4-bit SDIO 1 x LCD 1 x ISI 7 […]

MYIR Tech Introduces TI Sitara Cortex A9 MYC-C437X SoM and MYD-C437X Development Board

MYIR Tech previously launched Ricoboard, a low cost single board computer powered by Texas Instruments AM4379 ARM Cortex A9 processor. The company has now introduced a system-on-module based on Sitara AM437x processors, as well as a corresponding carrier board for industrial applications. MYIR Tech MYC-C437x Sitara AM437x System-on-Module MYC-C437x SoM specifications: SoC – Texas Instruments AM437x single core ARM Cortex A9 processor @ up to 1GHz (AM4376, AM4377, AM4378, AM4379) with PowerVR  SGX530 GPU (for AM4378/AM4379) System Memory – 512MB DDR3 (256MB optional) Storage – 4GB eMMC Flash (reserved 256/512MB Nand Flash design), 16MB QSPI Flash (unpopulated by default), 32KB EEPROM Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet PHY Peripherals and signals via 2x 100-pin board to board connectors (0.8mm pitch): 2x Gigabit Ethernet 2x USB 6x Serial ports, 2 x CAN 2x I2C, 2 x SPI 14x ADC (8 channels from ADC1 and 6 channels from ADC0) 3x SDIO 2x Camera interfaces JTAG […]

MYiR Tech Announces Low Cost Rico and Z-turn Boards Powered by TI AM437x and Xilinx Zynq-7010 SoCs

Shenzhen based MYIR Tech has just launched two new single board computers with Rico board featuring Texas Instruments Sitara AM437x ARM Cortex A9 industrial processor, and Z-Turn board based on Xilinx Zynq-7010 ARM Cortex A9 + FPGA SoC. Both boards sell for $99 in single quantity. Rico Board Specifications: SoC – Texas Instruments AM4379 single core ARM Cortex A9 processor @ 1.0GHz with PowerVR SGX530 GPU, and 4x PRU @ 200 MHz. Other AM437x on request. System Memory – 512MB DDR3 (Options: 256MB or 1GB) Storage – 4GB eMMC, 256 or 512 MB NAND flash (reserved), 16MB QSPI flash, 32KB EEPROM, and micro SD slot Video Output – HDMI and LCD interfaces (LCD connector located on bottom of the board). Connectivity  – 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet USB – 1x mini USB 2.0 device port, 1x USB 2.0 host post Camera – 2x 30-pin camera interface Debugging – 1x debug serial port, […]

MYIR ARM9 Linux Development Boards & Computer-on-Modules Powered by Freescale i.MX28 Processor

MYIR MYD-IMX28X development boards and MYC-IMX28X CPU modules had been announced in May 2014, but I’ve just found out about them via the company’s newsletter. The CoMs are powered by Freescale i.MX28 ARM9 processors (i.MX283 or i.MX287), feature 128 MB RAM, 256 MB Flash, and connect to a baseboard to make the development boards. Target applications include smart gateways, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), handheld devices, scanners, portable medical, experimental education as well as other industrial applications. MYC-IMX28X CoMs MYC-IMX28X computer-on-module specifications: Processor – Freescale i.MX283 or i.MX287 ARM926EJ-STM processor up to 454MHz with 128KB SRAM, 128KB ROM, 1280 bits of OCOTP ROM, 16KB/32KB I and D Cache System Memory – 128MB DDR2 SDRAM Storage – 256MB NAND flash, 128KB SPI flash Connectivity – On-board Ethernet PHY Connectors – 2x 1.27mm pitch 2 x 40-pin SMT male expansion connectors with access to Ethernet – Up to 2 Ethernet (two for i.MX287, one for i.MX283) USB […]

MYIR MYD-AM335X Development Boards & MYC-AM335X CPU Modules

MYIR has recently introduced MYD-AM335X development boards and MYC-AM335X CPU modules powered by Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex A8 SoCs, (AM3352, AM3354, AM3356, AM3357, AM3358, and AM3359) that come with 512 MB RAM, 512 MB Flash, and a Gigabit Ethernet PHY. The boards and modules target home automation, industrial automation, enterprise/educational tablets, portable navigation devices and networking applications. MYC-AM335X CPU Modules MYC-AM335X CoM specifications: SoC – Texas Instruments AM3352, AM3354, AM3356, AM3357, AM3358, AM3359  ARM Cortex-A8 up to 1GHz with SGX530 GPU (AM3354/AM3358/AM3359 only) System Memory – 512MB DDR3 SDRAM Storage – 512MB NAND Flash Connectivity – On-board Gigabit Ethernet PHY Headers: 2x  2.0mm pitch 60-pin expansion connectors to connect the SoM to a baseboard with the following signals: 2x USB2.0 OTG ports, 6x Serial ports, 2x I2C, 1x SPI, 7x ADC, 2x PWM, 3x SDIO 1x 2.0mm pitch 26-pin expansion interface 1x 2.54mm pitch 10-pin expansion interface Misc – […]

MYIR MYD-SAMA5D3X Development Boards Feature Atmel ARM Cortex-A5 SAMA5D3 Processors

MYIR Tech, a company based in Shenzhen, and ARM Connected Community Member, has recently made available MYD-SAMA5D3X boards powered by Atmel ATSAMA5D3 ARM Cortex-A5 embedded MPU. Like many development boards, thise are composed of a baseboard coupled by a 200-pin SO-DIMM computer-on-module (CoM) featuring one of the four Atmel SAMA5D3 processor: SAMA5D31, SAMA5D33, SAMA5D34 and SAMA5D35. The boards all feature 512MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Nand Flash, 16MB Nor Flash and 4MB Data Flash on board. Typical applications developed with these boards include control panel/HMI, smart grid, medical and handheld terminals, outdoor GPS, DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) phones, and more. MYD-SAMA5D3X boards specifications: Processor –  Atmel SAMA5D31, SAMA5D32, SAMA5D34 or SAMA5D35 Cortex A5 up to 536MHz with 128KB of SRAM and 160KB of ROM System Memory – 512MB DDR2 SDRAM Storage – 256MB NAND Flash, 4MB Data Flash, 16MB Nor Flash, one MMC/SD card slot, and one microSD card slot Peripheral […]

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