Installing Android in HTC Touch Cruise Polaris – HTC P3650

If you have an HTC Touch Cruise (Polaris) running Windows Mobile 6.1, you may want to try out Android in this hardware.

The good thing is that you do not need to remove Windows, but you can just bootstrap Linux from Windows Mobile.

Just go to XDA Developers Forum below for further details:

Android for HTC Touch Cruise Polaris

or just follow the simple instructions below:

Instructions to install Android in SDCard:

  1. Download either the 320×480 or 240×320 version
  2. Extract the content of the downloaded zip files to a temporary directory
  3. Rename default.polaris.txt to default.txt (rename or delete the original default.txt file) in andboot directory
  4. Copy extracted /andboot folder to the Root of your SDCard
  5. In your mobile phone, inside /andboot folder, Run HaRET, then hit “run” to launch android
  6. The first time, press Volume Up to start the installation and follow the menu instructions. If you don’t follow that step you’ll get a message : “/bin/sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off”

This won’t have Wifi, but you can enable it by using one of those two patches:

Wifi for Android on HTC Touch Cruise (120 pixel density)

Wifi for Android on HTC Touch Cruise (160 pixel density)

Sorry, the patches above won’t work with the version of the kernel used above. Please see comments section for Wifi (I have not tried it).

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47 Replies to “Installing Android in HTC Touch Cruise Polaris – HTC P3650”

  1. I have a HTC p3650 (which I believe is also known as Polaris) I like to in stall on a sd card the Android O.S

    From the download, In the andboot file there are 3 txt files . default.txt , default-polaris.txt and default-kaiser.txt
    Could you please clarify instruction line 3

    “Replace default.txt by default.polaris in andboot directory”

    Does that mean to delete default.txt and default-kaiser.txt files and keep default-polaris.txt file in the andboot file ?
    Or simply rename the default-polaris.txt as the new default.txt file

    Thank you

  2. As I figured it out, I renamed default.polaris.txt to simply default.txt and it loaded as indicated.
    So I got it working and it seems to respond very rapidly. Now I like to get wifi operational . I am not sure what to do with the amdroidupdate.tar any suggestions?

  3. I wanted to try this morning, but for some reason Android refuses to boot today (Green and Red picture after I click Run in Haret).

    I think you just need to copy androidupdate.tar to /andboot and press the Volume Up key during boot up to do the update. If it does not work, extract androidupdate.tar to the root file system using the Linux shell in Android: tar xvf /sdcard/androidupdate.tar

    FYI. I’ve just seen some people released Android 2.2 for HTC Polaris, Vogue, Nike and Kaiser.
    That’s a newer version that one described in this post. I haven’t tried it though.

  4. cnzsoft
    Thanks for the advise .I like the android for my HTC P3650 very much . I have not upgraded yet . The phone works very well but I still need to add the patch file so that I an use the wifi.
    When it omes to shell I get lost .any body ould give me some specific instructions!

  5. Just a follow up.
    I tried to put the androidupdate.tar in the /andboot and pressed the Volume Up key during boot up and followed the instructions on the screen to do the update. It seemed to update the Android OS, but upon the booting of Android through Haret , I am not able to turn on WIFI.
    I am not sure if I am in the best thread for My polaris but I hope someone can help me .

  6. Just tried to install/boot it on my Touch Cruise 3650
    Booting started and finished with following error message:
    sh: 2: unkmown operand
    losetup:/dev/block/loop1: No such file or directory
    Failed to reach system.img on SD Card
    Any advice?

  7. Hans, I’ll try to install Wifi sometimes this week on my HTC Touch Cruise and report on it.

    .husk., just to make sure: did you press the volume up key during boot up ?

  8. Ok I’ve tried it using the 120 dpi file.

    I’ve checked the output of dmesg in Better Terminal Emulator Magic.

    I think the problem is:
    wlan: version magic ‘2.6.25-00885-g76caa57-dirty preempt mod_unload ARMv6 ‘ should be ‘2.6.25-01036-g76caa57-dirty preempt mod_unload ARMv6 ‘

    So there is a mismatch between the wifi driver (wlan.ko) version and the kernel version.

    Check the 2 files at the bottom of that thread:

    The guy says it works for Polaris.

  9. Finally I installed and booted.
    The screen is locked and asking for PIN. I believe SIM card PIN. After entering the correct PIN they report “Incorrect PIN”
    So now I don’t know … Maybe it is a trivial step but any help is appreciated.

  10. Hi!!

    I’ve followed all the steps you kindly have shared, and I have now Android installed in my HTC Touch Cruise. At the end of the installation the phone asked me for the PIN, and I did not introduce the right number, so now it only shows a screen with the “SIM card is PUK-locked”.

    The strange thing is that I have changed the SIM card for a working SIM card of another phone, and I get the same message. Even without SIM card the message is still the same. Furthermore, I can’ turn down the phone unless I take out the battery.

    I don’t know how to reinstall Android on the phone, since it seems I can’t access to it in any way. Please could you give a hint about what to do, or what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  11. @ Ana+
    I haven’t experienced this issue. Maybe that version of Android would (incorrectly) set something if it detect the SIM card is PUK-locked. You could try to delete the andboot directory in the SD card and restart the installation. Make sure you disable the PIN in your SIM in Windows Mobile first.

  12. Hi!

    It seems that, once the phone is PUK-locked, it does not recognize any other SIM card unless a reset is done. So, I have bought a new one (the older one was expired), I went back to Windows Mobile and re-run haret and the installation, and everything went fine 🙂

    I’m having now some problems installing the wifi. I have downloaded the 120 pixels file, loaded into the andboot, and run haret and then the android update option. It seemed to went fine, but finally the phone was stuck on the little android robot screen. So I did a hard reset, and tried the 160 pixels file. The problem now is that when I try to run haret, finally the screen shows a mess of colours and lines, even if I hold the up volume button. I have reinstalled the andboot directory in the sdcard, but the mess screen still appears whenever I try to run haret 🙁

    Sorry for being such a pain. I would aprecciate any help you may offer.

    Thanks in advance,

  13. @ Ana+
    Sorry, my blog was not updated (done now). The patches above would not work due to a version mismatch between the kernel and the Wifi modules. If you want Wifi, check out comment #8. I have not tried though, since my HTC Touch Cruise had an accident.

    Edit: For the mess of colors and lines, it will happen sometimes. After you boot Windows Mobile, it seems you need a wait a few minutes before starting Android or this is more likely to happen.

  14. Hi,
    I downloaded the files and copied them to my HTC Touch Cruise (Polaris) in the menu, where it says Install System, Update, etc. What do i select? I tried selecting Update, and it said im missing System.img. Anything im doing wrong?

  15. @ cnxsoft


    I have tried a fresh installation with the image that the link in comment #8 proposes. Unfortunately, haret does not run, it still shows the messy image I commented before.

    I’ll keep on trying, and I’ll tell you if I get something new.

    Thanks a lot for your help 🙂

  16. Hi,

    I booted using ANdroid and sometimes when I boot it doesnt work, instead i get a blurred up screen. but the next time I boot it works fine. Also battery life is very poor … No bluetooth, camera or any data services…anyone can provide me with a patch or a perfect default.txt file?? and is it possible for me to boot directly to android as the phone starts?

  17. when trying to install Haret, when I run the screen goes black and I have to take the battery to be able to connect, any ideas to solve the problem?

  18. @ r_m_f_f
    Not sure about this. But in my phone, I had sometimes problems to start (blurred screen), I restarted by pressing the hardware reset button, but next time I ran Haret it usually worked. After you start Windows Mobile, wait for 5 minutes before running Haret, it seems to help although I don’t know why.

  19. When I’m executing the file haret the phone go done, it turn offf and I can’t turn on, I need pull the battery and replaced to turn on the phone, someano can help me? sorry my english.

  20. cnxsoft, you can tell me the files width you have in your phone, i don’t know but maybe lack me some file, when I press the button RUN it turn off.

  21. @ r_m_f_f
    Sorry, my phone does not work anymore, so I don’t have access to those files. I remember I installed the 240×320 version. If you installed the 320×480, you may try the 240×320 version.

  22. I am a novice.

    I tried to install the mentioned ‘andboot’ folder .
    On the screen where the phone displayed “Run”, I selected “Run” and then pressed the “Volume up”.

    I ended up with a “Green – White – Green – Red” screen.
    Nothing legible on the screen.

    help plz.

  23. I loaded it twice and was unable to by pass it, it would hold me in the internet connection, of which I do not have access. Are you able to advise how I will be able to skip Gmail sign up. Thanks it is appreciated.

  24. I tried so many versions but finally got this one working …

    However, there is no sound. I cant use the camera, wifi features.

    Any ideas on getting the sound working?

  25. I am trying to install Andriod on my htc cruise II (iolite)
    the default.txt seems not working for my device.
    Can any body help to find the good config file default.txt for htc Iolite

    many thanks

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