Android 2.3.7 (Alpha) for HP TouchPad Has Been Released

CyanogenMod team has just released the CyanogenMod 7.1 port for the HCM 7.1 LogoP TouchPad. This is an initial alpha release, so there are still plenty of bugs and a few non-working features, but overall it should be in a state that you can at least play around with Android on your TouchPad.

For this release they used a new experimental installer called the Alpha CyanogenMod Experimental Installer (ACMEInstaller). This installer will reorganize partitions on the flash (resize the WebOS media volume to make room for Android).ACMEInstaller will be used to install ClockworkMod Recovery, CyanogenMod 7.1 and the new Moboot bootloader.

After installation you’ll be able to boot WebOS or Android (dual-boot).

The firmware currently support the following features:

  • GPU acceleration
  • 1080p video playback
  • Wifi(with caveats)
  • Bluetooth(no headset profile)
  • Touchstone dock support
  • Audio

As it is alpha, there are also plenty of known issues including:

  • Higher than normal battery drain, ~2%/hr while suspended
  • Only partially-working camera
  • Need to change the wifi sleep policy to “never sleep” in wifi settings
  • Some app compatibility issues
  • And many more other issues.

Developer can download the kernel source at and  submit patches for review at The rest of the device source will be released as soon as some changes to support the MSM8660 architecture can be merged into mainline CyanogenMod 7.

Visit for further information.


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