Energy Micro Unveils 2 New Gecko Cortex M3 Starter Kits: EFM32LG-STK3600 and EFM32GG-STK3700

Energy Micro introduced two starter kits (STK) for complex battery-powered products such as portable health and fitness devices and smart accessories:

  • EFM32LG-STK3600 – Based on the EFM32LG990F256 MCU (Cortex M3 ) with 256KB on-chip flash and 32KB RAM.
  • EFM32GG-STK3700 – Based on the EFM32GG990F1024 MCU (Cortex M3 ) with 1MB on-chip Flash and 128KB RAM

Both the Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko MCU can directly control a TFT display and feature a USB driver that supports the Host, Device and On-the-Go (OTG) protocols.

Energy Micro 32-Bit Cortex M3 Development Kit
Energy Micro EFM32GG-3700 Starter Kit

The new STKs are also equipped with light, metal and touch sensors which allow designers to work with the LESENSE Low Energy Sensor interface allowing passive sensing of 16 sensors without host CPU intervention.

The hardware feature set is completed by a USB plug, 32MB on-board NAND Flash, LCD and a variety of LEDs and push-buttons.

The two EFM32 starter kits includes debugging support with a  full SEGGER J-Link, the enhanced version of Energy Micro’s real-time current probe and the energyAware profiler. The Advanced Energy Monitoring system (AEM) ensures that current data can be viewed with improved accuracy and 100 times faster than earlier versions, eliminating the need to connect external instruments to find current drains.

You can watch the video introduction of the new devkit.

Software can be developed with Simplicity Studio, a free EFM32 development software suite which includes the latest documentation, examples, software and drivers.

The EFM32GG-STK3700 and EFM32LG-STK3600 starter kits are available now for 79 USD each and can be purchased via one of Energy Micro distributors (e.g. Digikey, Mouser…).

You can find more information on EFM32GG-STK3700 and EFM32LG-STK3600 pages.

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nice idea what we need are $20 cheap chinese clones now …

mac me
mac me


yep .. im not that excited by the lcd or touch sensors .. you can get M3 boards for only a few bucks currently but it would be great to see this battery backed functionality added to them cheaply .. i can think of a few interesting projects (non sensor related) that this would be great for


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