This is What a Calxeda 192-Core ARM Ubuntu 12.04 Server Looks Like

Last November, Calxeda announced its 32-bit ARM Chip for servers, and now there are been some good progress as Calxeda is currently showcasing a 192-core ARM Server running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server edition at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, California.

ARM Cortex A9 Server with 192 Core Running Ubuntu Server
Calxeda ARM Server Running Ubuntu (Click to Enlarge)

The server showcased has 192 cores (48 Calxeda EnergyCore quad core Cortex-A9 processors), consumes less than 300 Watts, supports  up to 24 SATA drivers and runs Ubuntu 12.04 with OpenStack’s cloud management infrastructure. Karl Freund, Calxeda Vice President of Marketing said that the Calxeda server is running “a standard LAMP stack (running Calxeda’s website) along with other popular web frameworks such as node.js and Ruby on Rails, provisioning of OpenStack Nova compute instances, and even Canonical’s Metal-as-a-Service bare-metal provisioning.”

The company also explained that a complete native build of the Ubuntu 12.04 kernel took less than an hour to build on a single node, 4 times faster than the time it takes on current ARM build platforms, and it should be possible to build the entire Ubuntu distribution within hours with a larger Calxeda cluster, instead of weeks of build time currently required.

Calxeda (and HP) ARM servers for the cloud will ship to customer within 4 to 8 weeks, a few months earlier than the newer Applied Micro X-Gene 64-Bit ARM Server-on-Chip which showcased an Apache 2 implementation last month, since the silicon for the latter is not ready yet and they use FPGAs to emulate the upcoming processor.

For more pictures, check out Ubuntu Facebook Calxeda Album and for more details on the new server and EnergyCore SoC, visit blog (managed by Calxeda) and/or Caldexa website.

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Nikolay Nikolaev
Nikolay Nikolaev

That’s the real deal!
I hope some day to put my hands on such machine.
Well done Calxeda.


[…] like 2012 will be the year of ARM servers. After previous announcements of ARM servers based on Calxeda and Applied Micro SoC, Dell has just announced its own “Copper” ARM servers powered by Marvell […]


Wow consuming less than 300watts! Amazing!