Raspberry Pi Debian Wheezy Alpha, Bodhi Linux Alpha and Pwn, A Security Test Suite

I still haven’t received my Raspberry Pi board, but there have been a couple of interesting Raspberry Pi software news this week.

Raspberry Pi Debian Wheezy “Alpha”

This is an update to Raspberry Pi Debian  Squeeze 6.0, based on Wheezy (Debian 7.0) and the maintainer (Alex) is looking for volunteer to help test it and iron it out, before the Raspberry Pi foundation officially announce the distribution on its blog.

This distribution comes will the following:
* Scratch, Python, Midori etc as before
* A configuration tool for common initial setup tasks (resize root partition, change keyboard layout)
* omxplayer
* USB drives auto mount
* Lots more

This is alpha quality, so you can’t expect it something very stable, but if you want to test drive it, you can download it via BitTorrent (447 MB). Sha1sum: bdad7f1c504e22f8d754028843abb9da4330107f.

You can login with the following credentials: User: pi | password:raspberry

Known issues:
* Keyboard configuration in raspi-config doesn’t work

You can report issues on the bug tracker at https://github.com/asb/spindle/issues or leave a comment on the dedicated forum thread.

Bodhi Linux ARM Alpha Release for RaspBerry Pi

There is yet another OS available for the Raspberry Pi. Bodhi Linux for Raspberry Pi  (aka BodhiPi) provides an Enlightenment desktop on top of a Debian Wheezy ARMEL.

This is also alpha. Download the 4GB sd card image (bodhi-pi-20120612.img.tar.gz compressed to 869.6 MB) to give it a try.

There are two logins of as root and one as bodhi user (with sudo rights):

  • bodhi/bodhi
  • root/raspberry

If you want to participate and help improve this operating system, you can report bugs to RaspBerryPi section of Bodhi forums.

Raspberry Pwn: A pentesting release for the Raspberry Pi

Pwnie Express has announced the release of Raspberry Pwn, a hacker security penetration testing and auditing platform. This open source tools includes over 50 tools such as aircrack-ng, dsniff, wireshark, hping3, fcrackzip, sipcrack…

Raspberry Pwn is available on github: https://github.com/pwnieexpress/Raspberry-Pwn

To install it, all you need if Raspberry Pi Debian 6.0 or above with ssh and git and type those 2 commands:

For details on the installation procedure, you can check the README file on github.
If you don’t know how to use those tools, and what to check whether your server or connected device is secure to make sure they are less likely to be accessed by hackers, have a look at the documentation of Pwnie Express Pwn Plug which includes examples, and/or visit check their community support forums.

Have fun Raspberry Pi owners !

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