Rikomagic MK802 II Mini PC Will Be Available in September

Rikomagic announced that they are working on two new versions of the MK802 Android mini PC.
The first version (MK802 II) will be based on basically the same hardware (AllWinner A10 SoC), but with a different casing, an HDMI male connector, and 3 USB connectors (2 microUSB and 1 standard USB).

Rikomagic MK802 II

They will apparently add some holes to the casing for better ventilation in order to decrease excessive heat.

The company also mentioned they are working on a version with a dual core processor without giving further details. If we want to play guessing games, it could be next generation AllWinner dual core Cortex A9 processor (codenamed sun6i), or a low cost dual core Cortex A5 processor such as TCC8925.

Source: Rikomagic Forums

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12 Replies to “Rikomagic MK802 II Mini PC Will Be Available in September”

  1. To the guess list:
    Amlogic: 8726-MX (dual core A9)
    Rockchip: RK3066 (dual core A9)
    AllWinner: (dual core A9)

  2. @ Dmitry
    Yes, AMLogic is also a candidate. Rockchip is also possible, but IMHO less likely, because I haven’t seen any HDMI stick based on that processor, and companies usually like to take the path of least resistance, i.e. existing design, as product development is costly and takes time.

  3. @ cnxsoft
    Rikomagic mentioned only AllWinner A10 SoC. However, they are again talking about the Dual Core version. I still can not find anything about Dual Core CPU in AllWinner website. I think they will again give wrong information to increase interest. Now the easiest way to use the old A10 SDK, rather than create something entirely new.

  4. @ Different
    That’s because there are 2 new devices: Rikomagic mk802 II with AllWinner A10 SoC, and another one with an unnamed dual core processor.

    AllWinner sun6i dual core processor is still under development and has not been announced yet. So it’s likely they’ll use another dual core processor, if there are to release it this year.

  5. @ cnxsoft
    Thanks, I understand. But the question arises about the heat dissipation Amlogic 8726-MX and RK3066. If the heat is greater than AllWinner A10, then they will have to increase the size of the device and add radiators. I could hardly imagine such a HDMI Dongle…

  6. sun6i will be a dualcore A9 1.5 Ghz each core with Qaud Mali 450 is my guess. As via is also working on similar stuff to take on allwinner a10 and its next successor.

    But with these upcoming $199 awesome stuff :
    1. NEXUS 7 with tegra3 (july release) a dock few accessories and may be a cellular version is coming for European launch.
    2. Upcoming kindle fire II 7″ (July release) with Samsung quad and / or S4 .
    3. Ipad mini 7.4″ $279 Sept.-Oct with A5X 32 / 28 nm

    I’m really wanna know how these Chinese guys gonna stand against these biggies, Especially when the gap between the ‘branded’ and ‘chinese’ is going to shrunk further at uncomfortable level.

    My advice would be:

    1.Chinese manufacturers should start adding globalized cellular data options (Dual Sim GSM+CDMA) to their tablets, As they started with their Mobile phones. This gave them unique preposition and will also help to market the device easily to price sensitive rural market. where wifi is not easily available and people are dependent heavily on cellular data network.
    Lenovo already started this and launched it dualsim android 4.0 7″ tablet gsm+gsm and gsm+cdma variant.

    2. Start Adding bigger and user replaceable batteries, 3000mAh batteries does not give confidence to user. Minimum should be 14-15 WHr or 4500 mAh. User replaceable battery will also give an opportunity to sell extra battery. Also helps user to gain confidence in the product life cycle.

    3. Make 1GB ram and 1024×600 minimum specification standard, Again a better user experience means better sale.

    4. Manufacturer should create some kind of wiki for Chinese tablets including oem / odm etc. and share/ updated rom, source code etc with users. This will give them an edge over biggies.

    5. Yesterday ainol released updates rom (android 4.0.4) for their aroura2 ips tablet, When someone asked them “will you guys update your devices to JellyBean?”
    They answered “sure”. This one word made them gain immense respect among community.

    Dear @cnxsoft apology for using your blog to convey my message to Chinese Tablet makers (I’m sure few of them must be reading this)

    My best wishes are with these Chinese guys, I want them to succeed . They are giving me options.


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