QuickEmbed UPuter Pi – $69 AllWinner A10 Development Board

I’ve been informed of a new AllWinner A10 development board which is marketed as some sort of Raspberry Pi “clone”, although the hardware is different. The UPuter Pi is a small board designed by QuickEmbed Technology, a Shanghai based company, that features AllWinner A10 processor @ 1.5 GHz, 512 to 1 GB RAM, and 4 to 8 GB Flash.

Here are the specs as mentioned on the company website:

  • CPU 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A8 multi-core Mali400 graphic engine
  • Memory 512M/1GB DDR3
  • Flash 4G/8G
  • DC 5V USB power
  • working temperature -10 to 70C
  • storage temperature -20 to 80C
  • Android 4.0
  • WIFI/RJ45 network
  • USB/Wireless keyboard/mouse
  • 3G usb card
  • TF card, U-disk, usb harddisk
  • 720P/1080P/2160P

I must have gone blind because I don’t see any RJ45 connector (for Ethernet). The board will support Android 4.0 and all the usual Linux distros supported by Allwinner A10 processor. QuickEmbed may have pushed the clone concept a bit too far as their slogan “If you want to know how UPuter Pi taste, please take a bite by yourself.” and their 2 models may sound familiar to some:

  •  UPuter Pi module A board – bare PCBA
  •  UPuter Pi module B board – It looks the same but a case is included, and it’s very much like a mini PC.

They do provide 6 GPIOs, UART and JTAG access which makes it an interesting hacker board. However, at $69, the price is OK, but not really aggressive, especially as I’m expecting a $49 AllWinner A10 development board with features similar to the Mele A1000 plus an expansion header (GPIO, I2C, SPI…) very shortly, possibly as soon as next week…

Have a look at QuickEmbed UPuter Pi page for details.

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13 Replies to “QuickEmbed UPuter Pi – $69 AllWinner A10 Development Board”

  1. Without a Mali 400 driver for linux these boards are not very usable except as a server. In this situation you’d be better with a mele as you get a case and other features.

  2. There is a Mali 400 driver for Linux, the main problem is X11 support. Some people claim to have made it work (http://blog.dryft.net/2012/07/working-mali-x11-driver-on-mk802-a10.html), but the performance improvements appears to be disappointing.

    I don’t know how the the latest compiz/open gles announcement (http://smspillaz.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/delivering-compiz-and-unity-on-the-next-wave-of-embedded-form-factors/) could improve that.

    You’re right the Mele A1000 is more interesting that this board.

  3. @Kim
    Yes, but they say they provide access to GPIOs, although I can’t see header or through holes for that.

    Edit: OK, I can see on there website they have “test points” where you could solder wires to access the GPIOs.

  4. the board youre expecting .. remember if comparing to the mele to add the cost of the additional bits necessary for sata nand etc (and case/caddy etc).

    were likely to be getting in to sub $100 quad core territory soon so the A10’s days may very well be short lived and added to that its linux distro (particularly video and sata drivers) are still a partially (non) working mess … hopefully if olimex do an A10 board they will have the wherewithall to get particularly the SATA and video srivers sorted out

  5. @Onebir
    Thanks. Yes, but then all devices with a USB host port can support Ethernet (as long as the kernel is compiled for it).
    It appears to be version II, wonder what version I is.

  6. Indeed – the ethernet claim’s just Chinese electronics seller exaggeration.

    There are links to ‘树每派 I’ and ‘树每派 III’ at the side of the page, under the 2nd blue box with “>>”. But they click through to a page with “没有对应的宝贝” – “there is no corresponding product” buried in the middle.

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