Yes! MK802 for less than $50! Oh wait… It’s based on Telechips TCC8920.

Pandawill has added a new device called “OEM MK802 mini Android TV Box” to its catalog. It looks like the “original” MK802 mini PC as you can see from the picture below, but this PC-on-a-stick is based on Telechips TCC8920 (Cortex A5) processor instead.

OEM MK802 Android mini PC

The specifications on Pandawill read as follows:

  • CPU – Telechips Tcc8920; Cortex A5, 1GHz; GPU: Mali 400
  • RAM – 1GB DDR3
  • Storage – 4GB Nand Flash + microSD card slot (up to 16GB)
  • Video output- HDMI 1080P (60Hz)
  • WIFI – 802.11 b/g/n
  • USB – 1 OTG port + 1 USB Host
  • Dimensions – 88.5 x 35 x 12mm
  • Weight – 25g

The package includes a USB Cable, a DC? Cable, an English User Manual and an HDMI Cable, and this sells for $49.99. This is not a bad price actually, but they should really have given another name to this device. This shows you always have to be careful when you buy from Chinese websites, as you can just not return the product so easily. They often make mistakes in the specifications, or “tweak” the specifications to make their product look better, probably with reasoning such as:

  • 800 MHz = 0.8 GHz which can be rounded to 1 GHz.
  • 533 MHz Dual core processor: 533 MHz * 2 = 1066 MHz ~ 1.1 GHz, but there’s no 1.1 processors, so let’s round it to 1.2 GHz => 1.2 GHz dual core processor. Or maybe they add the GPU clock in there.

Many sellers also use keyboard stuffing (e.g. MK802, AllWinner, Cheapest…) to sell other mini-PCs that use some other processors, which may increase traffic to their online store, but leads to buyers confusion and does nothing to improve the reputation of Chinese e-stores.

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21 Replies to “Yes! MK802 for less than $50! Oh wait… It’s based on Telechips TCC8920.”

  1. This beats the CX-01 since it has 1gb of ram vs 512mb and it includes a micro-sd slot.
    I’ll leave it up to someone else to buy and test it out.

  2. there are no really mistakes or tweaking. when they say 1ghz instead of 800mhz they are lying. there is a lot of difference in performance in 200mhz in this processors.

  3. As a side-note:

    In my experience, “genuine” on only means “looks like” or “has a brand name printed on it”. So “genuine leather” means “plastic”, and “genuine Nokia” means “looks like Nokia / has ‘Nokia’ printed somewhere”.

    So … translate DX’ “genuine” into “wannabe” or “look-a-like”, and you’re safe. ;-(

  4. Questions:

    So this device has a slower CPU (TCC8920), but it has more RAM. Right? More differences?

    How about HDMI-CEC? Does the hardware and Android 4.0 support it?

  5. @Sander
    You seem really interested in CEC now :). My CX-01 always based on Telechips TCC892X processor supports it (but not my TV), so it’s likely to support it as well, as companies simply appear to use Telechips HDMI Dongle reference design.

    I’m still not sure if the CX-01 is TCC8920 or TCC8925 anymore. A look into the source code might help to find out.

  6. @cnxsoft

    @cnxsoft: Yes, I’m indeed very intrigued by HDMI-CEC. So I had a look at cheap, small Samsung TVs (160+ Euro for 55 cm / 22 inch), but they don’t have HMCI-CEC (called Anynet+ by Samsung). I only saw a 450 Euro Samsung TV which has HDMI-CEC, but I’m looking at something cheaper.

    Tips appreciated. Other brands than Samsung are OK too.

  7. @Onebir: Sorry, I could have checked for you (I did so now): To Germany it is free shipping, but something says it would be unavailable shipping mehtod. Don’t get it. To Hungary shipping is 5USD.

  8. I’m pretty sure. Question is, however, whether that is the MK802 with the A5 or A8. It says ‘A8’ but well, we know it all, don’t we 😉

  9. Exduct lowered the price on the MK802 (1GB) with the A10 SoC to 58.16-10+5.34= $53.50 (coupon “Minipcoupon”) . They listed the “Air”-mouse RC11 for 27.50-1.38+3.59=$29.71 (coupon “BLFgiveaway”) and bundles of Air-Mouse+MK802 for 85.66-15+7.43=$78.09 (coupon “MK802RC11”). When someone needs a replacement/additional power plug for the stick, or wants to switch from US to EU plug without converters… they are also available there.

  10. I bought one due to the low price (under $40 after shipping)… and it’s pretty nice. Trying to figure a fix for a hulu + glitch but video quality is very good and its faster than another single core A9 I have.

  11. My friend gave me one and 1080p 60Hz causes the display to blink. The default software doesn’t seem to work with cec but there is an option to enable it.

    CPU claims to run at 343.75mhz-1008mhz But I have only seen it between 700-808mhz.

  12. There is a leaked Telechips SDK, but I think it only has Android kernel so somebody has to modify Android kernel to Linux one.

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